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I'm wondering if you could give me some insight. We have tried looking for a Gender Therapist however they don't seem to take insurance? Is that pretty typical? Have you ever heard of a therapist that would do a phone session? That may seem odd, but I really think a specific gender therapist would help us. We have really great insurance and it seems like such a waste if we can't use it.



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I'm a bit surprised to hear that, Rachel. Money is money, unless the insurance plan would not pay them an adequate fee. I would look around a little more if I were you. My own G.T. took insurance, but would have charged them more than she did me, as I paid in cash. But I am in an HMO, and that pretty much eliminated any possibility for an in-plan G.T.

There are on-line therapists, who use Skype or other VOI programs. We have a list of some on the Gender Therapists resource page here:, or you can try Google. I have heard that many are quite good, and their prices very reasonable.


Carolyn Marie

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Thank you Carolyn Marie! I guess I should have poked around some more on this website for this list!!! This website is so full of information!! Having a Skype option would be fantastic. Then she could keep her identity secret if she wants.


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