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Transgendered Wish List for Laura's Playground

by Laura Amato

The main mission of Laura's Playground is to lower our 31% Transgendered Suicide rate. This is no small task but our fine staff of loving and caring modertors makes this possible. No other Transgender Site to date has online staff that are certified in Youth suicide prevention. This is the same course that suicide prevention Hotline operators take. For right now we only do this online in our chat rooms and through email and forums. Internet online operators cannot intervene in a crisis though. Only phone operators can do that.

We refer all of our users to Gender Therapists . While this is fine for those who have the money, not all do. The Transgender unemployment rate is the highest of any group. Since Therapy is a critical first step for us, and lowering our suicde rate depends on this, our Number 1 wish is to provide Therapy to all those who can't afford it . Transgendered folks are often confused and not everyone should end up on the surgeon's table for a sex change or (GRS) Gender Reassignment Surgery. Gender Therapy can also keep people from making life altering mistakes as well as help those who are candidates for SRS. Those who do not seek a therapist are even at higher risk of suicide.

Our second wish fixes two problems with one stone. I'd like to have A Transgender hotline in addition to chat dedicated to stopping suicide and providing resources and help. The lines would be 24/7 and would hire and train Transgender people to help lower our unemployment rate. Trans people would be able to work from their homes in safety. If the wish were ideal it would also provide medical coverage. This of course would be an expensive undertaking. Costs for training programs and phone line expenses and medical are cost prohibitive with no income.

Our third wish would be to provide housing to the TG Homeless probabley in the form of a housing complex. It would be open to all homeless adult Transgendered Folk from all groups. Again costs for food, shelter, staff and training are prohibitive. Our goal would be to train people for employment for something other than the sex industry.

The fourth wish would be to provide GRS and FFS to those who qualify and can't afford it. There is a reason this is last. Transgender and Transsexual people have the lowest self-esteem on the planet. In order to be ready for transition or surgery this has to be raised in order to improve the odds for your success.

In order to be able to fulfill any of these wishes I would need to be proficient in running a non-profit organization or foundation. I would also need to know how to write grants. My background is not only in Psycholgy but management as well so I am a quick learner. If you understand the legalities of non profit foundations or grant writing please write to me.

It is my fondest wish to keep Laura's Playground going long after I am gone. Steps are being taken to fulfill that. Of all the wishes the first one is the easiest and most important to start with. It is obtainable.

As of now there is nothing yet set up for donations. So at this point all I am asking for is help in setting up the structure to fulfill these wishes. We're also not ready to receive help requests yet either. For suicide prevention as always talk to our moderators. In the meantime stay tuned to Laura's Playground. We are only just getting started. Hopefully there is much more to come.

Anyway If I ever win big in the lottery most of my money would be going to fullfilling the preceding wishes. If you have Community (not personal) wishes you'd like to see added here please let me know.