The Voice Within

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The Voice Within

by Laura Amato

One of the biggest obstacles male to Female Transsexuals have is our voices. Even if we are mistresses of Illusion and manage to convince every eye in the house we are indeed female, we still have to speak sometime. Unless you have a convincing female voice every shroud of femininity we've encased ourselves in will peel away, revealing a man underneath.

A couple of years ago I went to a Halloween party with my SO (significant other). She was dressed as a man with a fake mustache and a three piece suit. It was pretty easy to tell that she really wasn't a man. I was dressed as a woman and everything came out perfectly. I looked gorgeous. As the evening wore on, one woman was convinced that I was her old female high school English teacher. She had no idea I was a man underneath Until finally I had to speak. She was shocked that that male voice came out of my mouth. Fortunately, this was a party situation so everything was in fun and we all had a great laugh. If this scene however was in a stealth situation lets say in a fancy restaurant in the lady's room the results would have been disastrous. I was resolved to learn how to sound female without sounding like betty Boop or Mrs. Doubtfire.

I tried another program long ago and it worked to a degree but the voice didn't sound natural. On the phone people weren't really sure what I was. My voice sounded less male but not entirely female either.

Recently a new Voice program especially for transsexuals has emerged. It is called "Finding your female voice" by GenderLife (formerly Deep Stealth Productions). It is available on DVD or VHS. The star of the show is Andrea . Her voice and the way she presents herself is all very ladylike. In fact you'd have a hard time believing that she is one of us. The video is produced by Calapernia Adams.

This product is more than just Tape however. It is an entire professional program that addresses our needs very well. The program comes with a workbook as well as the DVD or tape and an optional CD to use while practicing in the car (a really nice touch). One gets the feeling that this is a lot more than a product designed to part us with our money. Andrea indeed seems very caring in the way she cautions how to protect your voice from strain and even how not to leave the workbook out in the open for those who are not yet out of the closet. Instead of diving right in to give the user instant gratification it slowly takes us through a series of warm-up exercises and making vowel sounds to open up the throat and prepare us gently to achieve our goals without voice strain.

Whether you are a Transsexual about to embark on your real life test or a crossdresser who'll only need a female voice on occasion this product is essential not only as a stepping stone to passing as a woman but a shield for our safety as well. If you are out as a woman and you've tried this program It won't be your voice that gives you away. Five- o- clock shadow though might do it unless your electrolysis has been started. That's another article though.

So how did I do? Do I sound like a female? Well not quite yet, but the exercises have shown me that with practice there is indeed a female voice inside of me just squealing to get out. Now if only there is a chapter on giggling. Maybe I just haven't gotten that far yet.

Remember, anything worth achieving doesn't happen over night. So if you need help finding your female voice I urge you to give this program a look and a listen. Great job Andrea and Calpernia and Deep Stealth Productions.