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By Laura Amato

We all put things off at times. The reasons used are often prioritizing one’s goals. But how long is too long. Especially when it comes to transitioning. We think we will always have time and of course we will live forever. These days people in their thirties now have heart attacks and strokes or diabetes and bladder issues. Some die early and never get to be themselves. Of course, we always think that we have all the time in the world. We may not. While some GRS surgeons still take people into their eighties your health has to be good.

I get a lot of email here from Transsexuals who had to stop taking hormones or couldn’t start them due to adverse medical conditions. They also were no longer candidates for (GRS) Gender reassignment surgery. This can be devastating to some who don’t want to die the way their body is.

This happened to me. I was on hormones and had a stroke at 50 and a heart attack a year later; I was also a paraplegic at 32 and have a neurological bladder, diabetes and many other issues. I am now 68 and deeply regret not staring transition earlier. I waited for the kids to grow up. Then suddenly it was too late. I had to stop taking hormones.

At least now, kids start much earlier to transition and receive hormone blockers to stop the devastating effects of Puberty in the wrong Gender. Those of us who are older are probably the last in our age group to wait this long. These days transgender kids are given hormone blockers in their teens to stop their puberty in their born gender. This means that they will blend into the real gender that they are without the tell-tale signs of their born physical gender. Meanwhile the child grows up and becomes more certain about their future. Hormone blockers can always be stopped if someone changes their mind. Puberty of the born gender can always continue if things don’t work out.

If the Gender dysphoria continues Opposite sex hormones can be given between 16 and 18 years of age. The good news is that most will never go through the utter hell of being outed or looking like a man in a dress. This is what older transgender people go through and it leads to suicides and relationship issues, hate crimes and discrimination. In a study, here in 2004 50% of transsexuals had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Some had several attempts with ages as young as 7 years old. Almost all had never seen a Gender therapist for treatment.

Transgender people are born the way they are. Some are victims of miss-carriage drugs like DES from the 1940’s to the early 1970’s. Others received too much testosterone in the womb. The letters I received from DES victim’s numbers in the thousands So this is NOT a myth. Transsexualism is a MEDICAL CONDITION not a moral dilemma. Keeping Transgender people from peeing in the bathroom they present their gender as is cruel. No Real Transgender person has harmed anyone in a bathroom. Their excuse is that a cis-gendered person might pose as one of us. We’re being punished for something that MIGHT HAPPEN BY SOMEONE ELSE. Besides Transitions to the opposite gender is a prescribed treatment by Endocrinologists and Gender Therapists. Even though transgenderism is not a mental illness transsexuals must Transition to meet requirements for GRS surgery. My email especially on older transsexuals shows that dozens have reversed their transitions due to hateful state bathroom laws. Legislators and haters DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL OR THERAPY DEGREES and are thus unqualified to decide our fate. The therapist is used as a guide in transition. Some pastors use reparative therapy which is banned under the American Psychological Association. Besides it won’t fix a medical condition.

Meanwhile religious right pastor’s FORGET that this is a MEDICAL CONDITION. Along with congressman, a president and haters and bigots they make laws without a medical license. Denial of medical treatment is a moral crime in most states.

In the meantime, some Transsexuals wait too long to transition. For some it is job security, for others it is family concerns spouses and younger children. Some wait so long that medical complications take place when transition is finally achievable after waiting years. The marriage failure rate for crossdressers is low because it usually only a matter of compromising for dress up time. Transgenderistss and transsexuals have a much harder time staying with spouses. Due to the gender changes and secondary sex characteristics.from hormone replacement therapy.

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