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Transsexuals have a Medical necessity for treatment

There is a mistake that takes place every day in the public and the media that all Transgender people are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Transgender is the name of several groups of gender variant people under one umbrella. All of those groups are hugely different from one another. A crossdresser, a Transgenderist and a Transsexual have little in common with each other. Even Google has a problem telling the difference between Transgenderists who keep their original equipment and grow breasts on hormones and Transsexuals Who undergo Medical Gender reassignment surgery to get their bodies to reflect their souls. Transsexuals have a 31% to 45% suicide rate and over 50% in a poll on this site have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th Birthday. They need support and Google denies this to them because they consider us porn stars, not people in need. There is only one picture on the main site and none are porn. SO why won’t they let us support our own by advertising? Cis-gendered men go to transgender porn sites because those in the photos have BOTH male and female body parts on one person. They are the ones who hijacked the Playground Theme. We use the original Playground term because our people are going through a SECOND PUBERTY which requires that they relearn things in the gender they wish to be assigned as. They literally grow up all over again physically, mentally and emotional. “She” male(an offensive term) does not describe the typical post-op transsexual person. If Google can’t figure out Transgender people how do we expect the Public or the Legislature to. This is how “alternate facts” get started. They are mixing up medical facts and requirements with discriminatory hype. Some pre-op transsexuals use the stage as an earning platform for their surgeries.

In most cases Transsexuals Know the Real gender that they are by the time that they were 4, 5 or 6 years old. This should be seen as a warning sign and not ignored. At the parents rejection, many kids will retreat inside themselves and the parent thinks that the problem is solved. This is just the beginning of a child’s gender dysphoria which has Medical Solutions. WPATH which is a medical and Psychological group that sets STANDARDS OF CARE for the Transgender States. The American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychology Association agree that the changes to the DSM V maintain that Transgender people are not Mentally ill. These are educated Professionals unlike the Swarm of uninformed Far right pastors and religious people who think the Bible turns out Doctors of medicine. Would you trust a Pastor to set your son’s broken arm or go to him for a heart attack? Of course not. Yet they say they know better than medical professionals. How can this be. In addition, these people and others run unauthorized reparative (Banned) therapy as well as decide where and if we can pee, endangering and discriminating against us. The real-Life test or transition is a process prescribed by professional psychologists and endocrinologists to test whether they are Transsexual. Hormones are prescribed and gender re-assignment surgery in most cases are done. This test is critical, to live as a member of the opposite sex for a year. Some in the religious community are denying us medically approved requirements. Their goal is to throw us all back in the closet. They claim the bathroom bills are just in case a non-transgender man goes in the ladies’ room. How is that OUR fault? NO PERSON has been harmed in the lady’s room by a real transgender person. Make NO mistake, the country has denied us equal treatment and will continue to do so. I’m not sure why people think that any person not born with this would take this route on purpose. No One chooses to be transgender.

Some transsexuals are non-op due to medical conditions or family or job concerns This is not their fault.

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