Pollution and Transsexuality

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Transsexuals and Intersex May Increase

Due to Pollution
by Laura Amato

Transsexuals have been saying for years that being TS is something we are born with. It is a fact that excess Testosterone or Estrogen introduced from external sources in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can affect the fetus's mind and sometimes the body as well. Many older Transsexuals mothers took the drug DES (Diethylstilbestrol) which is a synthetic form of estrogen that was prescribed between 1938 and 1971 to help women with certain complications of pregnancy. The drug was often prescribed for mothers who had previous miscarriages.

In the last two to three years this theory has started being realized in animal and fish species living along our waterways. Male river fish have been reverting to female and started laying eggs. Male Polar bears and Penguins have been exhibiting typical female behavior. Some Penguins have even exhibited homosexual or Gay tendancies. There are also several other "gay" animals in other animal species. Much of this is all due to excess Estrogen in the water from Pollution sources. Now it has been found that the Water Supply in Washington DC has been affected. If this continues it is easy to project an increase of Intersex and Transsexual human children in the future.

In addition human mother's placentas have been recently found to carry certain pesticides. Many Pesticides attack both male and female reproductive systems to stop breeding. Many do this with excesses of testosterone and estrogen in their mix.

Many people scoff at Global Warming even though the evidence shows otherwise. Its much easier to blame gays and transsexuals for Katrina then face the truth. Global warming and pollution are facts. Go watch an Arctic ice shelf as it crashes into the sea or catch an intersexed fish in our pure rivers and streams. Better yet, keep your eye on Washington DC. Any minute now your Congressman may start swishing down the street. Maybe then they will believe.

Causes of Transsexuality

Babies in womb exposed to 'gender-bending' chemicals