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Transsexuals here have the problem that our external sex doesn't match our mind sex. Those who are TS either Male to Female (MTF) or Female to Male (FTM) go through extreme depression, confusion, suicidal thoughts, horribly low self esteem, hatred and taunts, discrimination of all kinds. Worse yet some suffer violence bad enough to result in serious injury or even death. Our pre-op suicide rate runs 31% from some estimates. Over 50% of TS teens will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. A Gender Therapist claims that the suicide rate is 9 times above the average. No matter who's right they all agree that its the highest for any group. Most Transsexual people have at least thought of suicide if not actually trying it.

Transsexualism is thought to start at birth and most can tell you that their first concious thought was of being the wrong gender. TS children quickly learn that speaking or acting how they really feel will put them through violence and hatred, estrangement from a parents love and the taunts of all their peers. So most suffer in silence and alone, never growing up as themselves. The trauma of being forced to lead their life as someone other than themselves can lead to some mental disorders separate from Transsexualism. This is still a recognized medical condition and not a life style choice.

Then Puberty strikes and the living nightmare begins. Body parts start growing and changing. MTF"s who feel like girls inside grow body hair, muscle mass and experience nocturnal erections and lower voices that they can't stop and it will haunt them forever. FTM's who feel like boys inside grow breasts and curves and start their first monthly reminders of their body's gender. Every period begins a new depression. Many Transsexual teens start cutting themselves or mutilating their genitals. Who do they tell? Who will listen to them? They are ALONE with their pain til they reach out and seek help.

Laura's Playground is a Transsexual Support Site. We have peer to peer counseling in forums and our chat rooms. Moderators are certified in Youth suicide prevention. They are extremely busy trying to reduce our high suicide rate. Our users support each other and all can tell you about many of our close calls. Here we offer personal support to help people straighten out their lives no matter what that means or where they end up. I can tell you from experience that many are just plained scared to come out into a homophobic world. Their own families are feared even more.

Our moderators run Transsexual online support group meetings . If you are transsexual come to them online and find out that not only are you not alone but there is hope and help for you. You have a right to exist and be happy. We hope to show you how. Surgery is not the only option available to you.

Being a Transsexual is not a choice it is thought to be inborn. The Hypothalmus in the brain which governs sexuality is female sized in the MTF and Male sized in the FTM. The phenomenon is Physical proof that a problem exists. Newer MRI machines can show the defect.


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