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Transsexual Transition in College: LGBT College Guide

By Laura Amato

Its no secret that Transitioning Transsexuals have one of the highest rates of unemployment. Even the best intentioned plans will not bear fruit without a decent income. The answer for many is higher education. Fortunately College age is also the perfect time to transition. The trick is to know where to go. Some colleges are much better than others for this purpose. Shane L. Windmeyer has written the "Advocate College Guide". This lists the top 100 LGBT friendly campuses in the nation. I highly recommend this book for any one going on to College and considering Transition while there. A safe, supportive enviornment can make a huge difference in your success.

Most of us of course wish we could've transitioned earlier before puberty dealt her cruel cards. For most though family issues, concerns and fears made it impossible for us then. If you were lucky you got to talk to a Gender Therapist which is of course the first step. Most though have not. Before transitioning or taking hormones see a therapist first.

Below is a small sample list of articles about some of the colleges included in the top 100. Read the book for even more details.

LGBT ranking

Cal Poly gets high ranking in gay survey

Gay-friendly campuses: UMKC on ‘100 best’ list

U. named one of best for gay students

Ithaca College listed in guide as most welcoming campuses for LGBT students

Macalester Selected Among 100 Best Campuses for LGBT Students


SU selected among 100 best campuses for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) students

UCLA Selected Among Top 20 Best Campuses for LGBT Students!!

UCSC Selected as 'Best of the Best' for GLBT Students

Search for Advocate LGBT College Guide Winners

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