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Butterfly Arrangement

Transgender Voice and Speech Pathologist List

by Monica_Jennifer

As a Transgender person, sometimes there is a need for help with your voice or speech pathology. Especially when one is a Male to Female. Finding not just that perfect pitch and intonation for your voice .. but also the right nuances .. and then keeping that pattern is not easy for many folks. The Voice Therapists and Speech Pathologists featured on this list are ready to help you.

If you are a Voice Therapist or a Speech Pathologist whom is willing to be added to the list, or you have a Voice Therapist or a Speech Pathologist whom you have been seeing that you think should be added to this list, please send an email to me .. Monica_Jennifer at This list depends on your input. Please help us to populate this list.

The list begins with the USA and then after the state of Wyoming the International listings begin.

Have you ever wondered what voice therapy is really like? There is an article in the online George Washington University Hatchet which also has 3 videos attached of actual clients whom had allowed themselves to be video taped for the online version of the article. It seemed worthy of adding here. The videos may be found by locating the blue box in that article just under the words "Interviews of participants involved with the GW Speech and Hearing Center's voice training program." The article may be found by clicking here.

Updated March 03, 2014

Laura's Transgender Resources


Sorry no listings for Alabama yet.


Sorry no listings for Alaska yet.


Sorry no listings for Arizona yet.


Sorry no listings for Arkansas yet.


Daniel Zwitman, Ph.D. (Speech Pathology)
11645 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1080
Brentwood, CA. 90025
Phone: (310) 208-6000

Maureen O’Connor, MS
Speech and language pathologist
830 Menlo Avenue, #109
Menlo Park, CA. 94025
Phone : (650) 324-0648
Phone : (650) 349-8717 in San Mateo

Voice Training
Carol Fleming
Speech pathologist
San Francisco, CA.
Phone : (415) 391-9179

Carol Freidenberg
Speech pathologist
San Francisco, CA.
Phone : (415) 922-6377

Lucy Jones
Voice coach
Burlingame, CA.
Phone : (650) 697-8780

Los Angeles Voice Therapy
Los Angeles, CA.
Office : (323) 902-7570
SKYPE : lavoicetherapy
Email :
Website : Our transgender transsexual-voice page

Denae Doyle
Fem Image
Denae Doyle & Associates
Santa Cruz, CA. and
San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
Phone : (831) 472-1282
Email :
Website :
Denae's Contact Page :
Denea's Blog :
Voice Training :
Does Phone or Skype training sessions and in office Voice Training sessions. Doug Ousterhout FFS surgeon recommends consults with Denae as part of transition in a book about his career.

Fran Carbonaro
Vocal Studio
Sebastopol, CA.
Website :
"I have been a voice teacher in Sonoma County for both singing and the speaking voice for the last 30 years. I would welcome the opportunity to do more voice work with transsexuals. I would like to expand my experience in this area, as well as be of service to the transgender community."

Leah B. Horst M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Develop your Female Voice
2000 East Chapman Avenue, Suite 100
Fullerton, CA. 92831
Phone : (714) 870-1744
Email :
Website :

Shauna Farley Ph.D.
Call for Appointment & Address
Orange, CA.
Phone : (714) 287-3711
Email :

Michelle Gordon, MA-CCC
Speech-Language Pathologist
2900 Bristol Street, Suite B-103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone : (714) 403-1721
Fax : (714) 540-0742
Email :
I am a licensed Speech Pathologist, in Orange County California, with a specialty in voice. I have experience and training in providing services to the Transgender/Transsexual community.


Kathe Perez, M.A. (Speech Pathology)
Exceptional Voice, Inc.
650 South Cherry Street, Suite 1410
Denver, CO. 80246-1814
Phone : (303) 722-2181
Fax : (303) 722-2470
Toll Free : 1 (866) 469-8642
Email :
Website :

Vickie Maybury, Voice Coach
Phone : (303) 693-5809
Email :

Lynn Skinner
Feminine Voice
PO Box 150175
Lakewood, CO. 80215-0175
Phone : (303) 239-6021
Email :
Website :
Press Page :
Volume 1 : "Creative Expression" :
Volume 2 : "Creative Exercises" :


Alida Engel, CCC-SLP, BRS-FD
Center for Speech and Learning, LLC
801 Edgewood Avenue
New Haven, CT. 06515
Phone : (203) 397-3224
Email :
Website :
Trans-Gender Voice Coaching.
Our office is open day-time and evenings, Monday through Friday.

UCONN Speech & Hearing Clinic
850 Bolton Road Unit 1085
Storrs, CT. 06269
Phone : (860) 486-2629
Fax : (860) 486-4948
Email : Speech&
University of Connecticut Transgender Voice and Communication Group - For individuals pursuing vocal and communicative changes related to gender identity. A discussion and practice group. Facilitated by a speech-language pathologist and speech-language pathology graduate students. An opportunity to use new vocal and communication qualities in a safe and confidential environment. Feedback from peers and facilitators. Share experiences regarding communication challenges. Individuals at any point in their gender transition are welcome. The cost for the group is $25 for the fall session. Please call and tell us you are coming! Phone : (860) 486-2629. Meets : Tuesdays from September 17 to November 26, between 4:30pm - 5:30pm, at the Storrs Campus, Phillips Communication Sciences Building (PCSB), Room 114. Please RSVP to the clinic office: (860) 486-2629. Parking passes will be provided by the clinic.


Sorry no listings for Delaware yet.

District of Columbia

Linda I. Siegfriedt
Clinical Instructor, Specialist in Voice Disorders
2115 G Street NW,
Hall of Government
Washington, DC. 20052
Office : Room 202
Phone : (202) 994-3027
Email :
Website :
Areas of Expertise : Voice Therapy and Training. Professional Speaking Training. Clinics Supervised : Voice Disorders and Transgender Voice Clinic.


Speech and Voice Coach
Website :
Private Classes by Certified Speech Pathologist for All Speech and Voice Needs.

Adele Kates & Associates, P.A.
1 N.E. 168th Street
North Miami Beach, FL. 33162
Phone : (305) 651-6442
Certified and Licensed Speech Pathologist. Adele Kates, Director. Transitional voice change and gender identity. Includes: body language, make-up, fashion, hair styling, female communications patterns. By appointment.


Sorry no listings for Georgia yet.


Tricia Moorea
Email :
Website :
"I offer lessons in person by phone or over the internet via skype on the Hawaiian islands of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawai'i Moku O Keawe, Maui, O'ahu, Lana'i, Moloka'i, Kaua'i, Ni'ihau, or the mainland United States, Europe and worldwide, and I can be brought to your location for a seminar, one on one vocal sessions, or group intensive. You can travel to see me in Hawaii for a voice and wellness package you will never forget!"


Sorry no listings for Idaho yet.


Lynette Venturella (Speech Pathology)
Professionally Speaking
(Chicago area) IL
Phone : (773) 218-9183


Sorry no listings for Indiana yet.


Sorry no listings for Iowa yet.


Sorry no listings for Kansas yet.


Dr. Morton Cooper
The Voice Doctor
Henderson, KY. 42420
Phone : (270) 827-3437
Email :
Website : My Finding Your Female Voice Page
Dr. Cooper is available for limited phone and skype consultation only as he has retired from his practice.
Finding Your True Female Voice - Voice Therapy for Transsexuals & Trans-genders.
One of the most important things in our society today is to have the voice that represents who we are. You can be very passable in your appearance, but if you speak in a masculine voice you've just outed yourself. Finding your true feminine voice is important for passing as female in everyday situations and especially on the phone.
As the Voice Coach to the Stars, Dr. Cooper has worked with many big name Hollywood stars to help them reach their true voice potential. Dr. Cooper has been working with Transsexuals and Trans-genders for over 20 years. Any male voice can be retrained. His coaching methods can help you achieve and maintain your true, natural feminine voice without vocal strain. His method is simple and you will see results.
Contact Dr. Cooper to arrange a Phone or Skype consultation. You've worked hard to be the person you truly are, now you can train your voice to match.


Sorry no listings for Louisiana yet.


Jean Armstrong, M.S., CCC-SLP
Accenting Expression
Portland, MN. 04103
Phone : (207) 879-1886
Email :
Website :
Website (not yet online but coming soon ) :
Accenting Expression focuses on individual or group coaching/classes for voice, speaking and accent issues. Armstrong has over 25 years experience ranging from traditional voice therapy to voice enhancement issues such as finding authentic voice safely including transgender voice therapy. Armstrong’s background draws from her experience as a Speech/Voice Coach, national workshop presenter, performance artist/storyteller and Speech/Language Pathologist. At Accenting Expression, we believe that your voice should reflect who you are today. We’ll use sound principles to help you find your authentic sound including attention to pitch, rate, rhythm, intonation, tone, focus, language use, facial and body language. Direct face to face individual coaching, small group classes or web based instruction available.


Beverly (Reported as not answering Email lately)
Email :
Website :
"I help people in most of Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia. I'm not a speech pathologist, or a speech therapist. I am a transsexual with speech skills that allow me to blend seamlessly as a woman in this very cis-gendered world. I understand what you are living with better than any well-meaning non-trans professional ever can. And no number of CD's, tapes, books, videos, etc can ever have the impact direct, face-to-face personalized coaching. I will show you how access your own female voice, and live with it 24/7. After a time, it will come as your natural voice."
List Editors Note : Beverly was recomended by one of our website visitors.


Rebecca Shafir, M.A.CCC
Mindful Communication
61 Turkey Hill Road
West Newbury, MA. 01985
Phone : (978) 255-1817
Fax : (978) 255-1838
Email :
Website :


Sorry no listings for Michigan yet.


Sorry no listings for Minnesota yet.


Sorry no listings for Mississippi yet.


Sorry no listings for Missouri yet.


Sorry no listings for Montana yet.


Sorry no listings for Nebraska yet.


Sorry no listings for Nevada yet.

New Hampshire

Sorry no listings for New Hampshire yet.

New Jersey

Shira Kirsh, M.S.,CCC/SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Alliance Speech & Language Center
Monmouth Office Plaza
4691 Highway 9 North
Howell, NJ. 07731
Phone : (732) 942-7220
Fax : (732) 942-7225
Website :
Alliance Speech & Language Center
350 Forsgate Drive, Suite 101
Monroe, NJ. 08831
Phone : (609) 216-7332
Fax : (732) 400-9178
Website :

New Mexico

Sorry no listings for New Mexico yet.

New York

Irene Kling, Ph.D., CCC/SLP
Kling Voice & Speech/Language Therapy Services, PLLC
165 West 66th Street
New York, NY. 10023
Phone : (212) 799-9559
Email :
Website :
Member of WPATH.
"Given that I work with many singers and actors the approach taken to voice and communication includes the use of script and improvisation to enhance the intonation and inflection patterns, as well as the appropriate use of gesture, body language, posture, and, most important, finding the most authentic voice for the individual."

Christie Block, MA, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
65 Broadway, Suite 822
New York, NY. 10006
Phone : (347) 677-3619
Fax : (212) 430-6372
Email :
Website :
Voice Exercises :
Christie is a seasoned transgender voice specialist, having worked primarily with the transgender community for a number of years. Some of her voice exercises can be seen in EXERCISES FOR VOICE THERAPY and the upcoming TRANS BODIES TRANS SELVES. Christie is a member of WPATH. She is active in the NY trans community and in the training of other voice therapists on transgender voice. She does training for both feminine and masculine voice - individual sessions, Skype, intensive classes, and workshops.

Joseph P. Zanfordino, M.A., CCC/SP
Speech Pathologist
122 Fayette St.reet
Ithaca, NY. 14850-5261
Phone : (607) 227-0143
Email :
Member of WPATH

Norma Garbo
830 Broadway
New York, NY.
Phone : (212) 475-2233
Email :
Trans-friendly vocal instructor in the NY area. Sells a DVD titled “Feminizing the Voice” via her website .. for $49.99.

Carole Kornsweig, M.A. CCC, SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Accent & Speech Solutions
303 5th Avenue, Suite 1003
New York , NY. 10016
71 South Central Avenue
Valley Stream, NY. 11580
29 Georgia Avenue
Long Beach, NY. 11561
Phone : (516) 524-0450
Phone : (516) 791-4664
Email :
Email :
Website :
I am a seasoned SLP/voice and therapist who now offers transgender voice and communication therapy / training. I treat in NYC (which is accessible to people from NJ and Connecticut also) and Long Island, N.Y.

North Carolina

Sorry no listings for North Carolina yet.

North Dakota

Sorry no listings for North Dakota yet.


Sorry no listings for Ohio yet.


Lindsey Ison, MS, CCC-SLP
New Day Speech Therapy
Broken Arrow, OK 74110
Phone : (918) 928-9767
Email :
Website :
"I offer voice therapy for transgendered men and women."


Voice Training
Barbie Scott, M.A.. C.C.C. Speech - Language Pathologist
Voice Coach/Speech - Therapist
7298 SW Capital Hill Road
Portland, OR. 97219
Phone : (503) 977-2160
Website :
Website :

Linda Brice, M.M. & Peter Fullerton
Transformational Voice Institute
Phone : (503) 679-7976
Email :
Website :
Private Voice Lessons available with faculty for Speech Training and/or Singing. Please email to inquire about distance learning through Skype video chat..
PF : "Speech Training Group Class, Voice and Gender. This class explores how the voice authentically communicates gender, and also looks at ways society makes assumptions about gender based on voice. Ideal for professional women who believe they are not taken seriously, for men or women who think they sound too female or male, or for transgender individuals looking to cultivate the authentic voice of their true identity. Linda Brice, M.M., has experience teaching speaking and singing to transgender students. I myself am transgender (FTM), and I am an Apprentice Voice Teacher studying with Linda; when my Apprenticeship concludes, I hope to teach speaking and singing to members of the transgender community as well."


Sorry no listings for Pennsylvania yet.

Rhode Island

Sorry no listings for Rhode Island yet.

South Carolina

Sorry no listings for South Carolina yet.

South Dakota

Sorry no listings for South Dakota yet.


Sorry no listings for Tennessee yet.


Sorry no listings for Texas yet.


Sorry no listings for Utah yet.


Sorry no listings for Vermont yet.


Augusta Health Speech Therapy Department
78 Medical Center Drive
Fisherville, VA. 22801
Phone : (540) 932-4033
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, by appointment
Services Provided: Communications and Voice Therapy for the Transgender Population. Spanish Language service available.


Sandy Hirsch
Give Voice
Seattle, WA.
Phone : (206) 718-4387
Email :

Robert J. Lunte
The Vocalist Studio
Seattle, WA.
Phone : (425) 444-5053
Toll Free Phone : 1 (800) 269-9040
Website : Voice Therapy For Transgender In Transition/
Skype : Internet Voice Lessons via Skype

Michelle Mordaunt, MS, CCC-SLP
4131 15th Avenue
Seattle, WA. 98105
Phone : (206) 543-3384

West Virginia

Sorry no listings for West Virginia yet.


Marylou Pausewang Gelfer, MP
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Email :


Sorry no listings for Wyoming yet.


Human Communication Sciences
4th Floor Health Sciences Building 1
La Trobe University
Bundoora Victoria 3086
Phone : (+61 3) 9479 1921
Fax : (+61 3) 9479 1874
Email :
Website : Clinical Programs : Voice
Request for services : consumer information [PDF 269 KB]
Consent Form [PDF 92 KB]
Your Rights and Responsibilities
Consumer Participation
Directions and Map [PDF 664KB]
Voice Modification for Individuals Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria.


Shelagh Davies, M.Sc., RSLP
Registered Speech-Language Pathologist
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Email :
Website :
For over 10 years I have worked with transgender people to help them develop a voice that reflects who they are inside. I belong to WPATH and CPATH, and am a member of the proposed Voice and Communication Standing Committee for WPATH. I have co-authored: Transgender Speech Feminization and Masculinization : Suggested Guidelines for BC Clinicians, and am currently writing an updated version. Here in Vancouver I offer a program of speech and voice training for transsexual women, through the Transgender Health Program of BC. While most of my work is with local clients I offer voice training to a limited number of clients over skype.

Kerry Erle, M.Cl.Sc., SLP(C), CCC-Sp
Reg,. CASLPO #1868
Executive Director
London Speech and Language Centre
1589 Fanshawe Park Road East
London, ON. Canada N5X 3Z9
Phone: (519) 642-7370
Fax : (519) 642-2470
Email :
Website :

Suzanne Bassett, M.A., M.H.Sc., S-LP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO
Cell : (416) 871-3041
Office : (905) 886-5941
Fax : (905) 886-2362
Email :
Website :

Fay Nascimento, SLP(C)
Guelph Speech & Language Centre
85 Norfolk Street, Suite 103
Guelph, ON. N1H 4J4
Phone : (519) 265-8633
Fax : (519) 265-8611
Email :
Website :
Language : English

Maria Scaringi, SLP(C)
KIDSPEECH & Family Rehabilitation, since 1988
19 Larabee Crescent
Toronto, ON. M3A 3E6
Phone : (416) 447-7325
Fax : (416) 391-4078
Email :
Website :
Languages : English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Children- Youths- Adults, several languages available, Toronto (in North York, Don Mills area.)

Colleen Kearney, M.Sc., SLP(C)
Private Practice
Red Door Hearing & Speech
Suite 306, 49-55 Elizabeth Avenue
St.John's, NL. A1A 1W9
Phone : (709) 754-4327
Fax : (709) 754-3230
Email :
Website :
Language of practice : English

Melanie Moore, MSc reg CASLPO
Email :
Providing service in both Toronto, ON & Halifax, NS

Melanie Tapson, OCT, MSc SLP (C), reg CASLPO
Private Practice in Toronto ON
Telepractice for clients in ON, NS, PEI, NFLD
55 Dagmar Avenue
Toronto, ON. M4M 1V9
Phone : (416) 466-7482
Email :
Website :
Providing voice therapy services in English to transgender clients in person in Toronto ON and via telepractice (videoconferencing) for clients in ON, NS, PEI, NFLD.

Gwen Merrick, M.H.Sc., Reg. CASLPO
Marta DeLuca, M.Cl.Sc., Reg CASLPO
St. Michael's Hospital - Voice Clinic
30 Bond Street
Toronto, ON. M5B 1W8
Phone : (416) 864-5282
Fax : (416) 864-5272
Our voice clinic offers voice therapy for transgendered women. We also see trans men whom wish to have a more masculine style of communication that involves more than the pitch lowering that occurs with testosterone.

Karine Tardif, MA, RSLP, SLP (C )
Registered Speech-Language Pathologist
Amanda Lenk, SLP(C)
Beehive Therapy
#209 - 13569 76 Avenue
Surrey, BC. V3W 2W3
Phone : (604) 562-2074
Phone : (604) 345-2099
Email :
Email Dinusha Peiris :
Email Sarah Castell :
Website :

South Africa

Barbara Rita Barbieri
Biebie Productions
120 Vryburger Avenue, Bothasig
7441 Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa
Phone : 084 625 4104
Fax : 086 665 2227
Email :
Email :
Website :
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :!/Biebie777
My Space :
YouTube :
Blog :
Transgender Feminisation : Features : Posture, Relaxation – laryngeal tension; Breathing – difference between male and female; Resonance – restore its dynamics; Pitch – stretching the range and utilizing consistency; Tone – difference between male and female; Articulation – tongue positions; Enunciation – tongue positions; Speech faults; Verbal Dynamics. I devised this course, because I found that there is a need for transsexuals who want to improve their overall vocal quality, by eliminating any negative qualities from their previous voice. It will look at various aspects concerning the vocal apparatus in general; and then, how the techniques will be utilized in the feminization process to suit your unique voice and style of speaking. I am the only institution in the whole of South Africa, providing this course. Pertaining to the Feminization Course there is nobody providing this unique service in South Africa. This service is for all transgenders who are in the transitioning phase. It is a one on one session where I mold your voice to establish a more feminine quality, by covering all areas of the voice.

United Kingdom

Rebecca Root
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 (0)20 8340 9930
Mobile : +44 (0)7958 248783
Email :
Website :
Rebecca Root transitioned from the male role in 2003 and had her gender reassignment surgery at Charing Cross Hospital, London, two years later. She is the only transsexual person working as a voice and speech specialist in the UK today. This background gives Rebecca unique insight when working with other transsexual and transgendered (TS/TG) people to find a voice they feel fits their gender, whether they identify as male, female, or somewhere in between.



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