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Suicide and the Transgendered

A Transgender Suicide Prevention Hotline Service Online; Immediate Help Available

By Laura Amato

"Suicide is a permenant solution to a temporary problem"

If you are feeling suicidal call 911 or 1-800-Suicide

There is no group with a higher suicide rate then the transgendered. It stands at 31%. In a survey of our users here 50% of Transsexuals have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Many have had multiple attempts from ages as young as 7. In the UK a ten year old transgender child committed suicide. This means that transgender teens are the most vulnerable. Often Puberty can plunge them into a nightmare they may never wake up from. Followed by being forced to live someone else's life, homo or Transphobic Parents often don't get Transgendered children the therapy they need early enough. It is often dismissed as just a phase.

Here at Laura's Playground Transgender Support and suicide Prevention Site we deal with the terrible effects of these so called "phase" years later in their lives right on up to death. We are the only Transgendered site whose moderators are certified in youth suicide prevention. They have saved thousands. We have had over 5 million users and thousands of emails and messages. Most would never have attempted suicide if they were gotten into therapy at the age of 4 or 5 when most Transsexuals first become aware that they are trapped in the wrong body. Hatred of ones own genitalia at age 4 is never normal. Treatment by a gender therapist is imperative.

The toll for being Transgender is astronomical. Forced to be someone else, violence, ostracization, lonliness and even mental illnesses can be a high price to pay. Almost all have severe clinical depression. Some have OCD, DID and bi-polar disorders as well. Medication is often necessary.

Suicidal thoughts are almost always caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. If you are suicidal you are not thinking clearly. The cause is often physical and needs to be treated medically. Many often feel it's their problems or circumstances that are to blame. They are to a degree but the main cause is a chemical imbalance in the brain that masks normal coping and decision making skills. This is why most therapists insist on these conditions being under control first before dealing with Transgender issues. A TG with uncontrolled OCD might have gender surgery as an impulse which could for some be a disaster. Certainly you want to have your brain at 100% before anyone starts altering things with a knife down there. On the other hand if you are depressed you don't want to die unnecesarily either, not when medication may turn things around for you.

Usually it takes a month to get a therapist appointment, 3 months for a Psychiatrist and 3 months for the medication to take effect before adjustments. Unfortunately your condition may need more immediate help as few can afford to wait that long for treatment. In these cases immediate intervention is the only answer. If you feel suicidal you should call 911 or 1-800-suicide immeadiately. Do not wait.

Kevin Caruso of Talks about suicide attempts this way: "The vast majority of people who attempt suicide do not actually die by suicide". There is a litany of suicide horrors out there where people did not die in the attempt and were left much worse off. Disability by suicide attempt is a more likely reality then death is. People who attempt it can be incapacitated for the rest of their lives. The wrong dose of the wrong pill could cause permanent brain damage, a stroke or parlysis. Awaking into a vegetative state is an awful way to live. A failed hanging attempt can result in a crushed laranyx, loss of speaking ability and a tracheotomy. Imagine talking through a synthetic voice box for the rest of your life. A slit wrist opens up to as much as a 6 inch wide ugly gash, exposing muscle and tissue. suvivors will tell you it is painfull as hell whether you are in the bathtub or not, The unsightly scars mark you for life and everyone will know you attempted suicide. Living with a failed suicide attempt can be worse than death. Jumping off a bridge can bring paralysis often from the neck down. Some people think that suicide is peacefull and painless. It is not. Death from suicide is not peacefull or painless.

Many people get their ideas about death being peacefull from visiting a loved one in a funeral home. Everyone remarks " Oh look how peaceful they look". Ask a funeral director how dead bodies really look before they present a body to be even slightly acceptable for viewing. The color is blue, not pink. Urine and excrement have to be cleaned out because bodily functions have ceased to function. Blood is drained and replaced with embalming fluid. Bones are broken, jaws wired and lips sewn shut. Then pounds of makeup are applied. That peacefull look you see is staged. It is fake. Few people die smiling. Most were in agony. Funeral homes are masters of illusion. It's not real.

Many times those who attempted suicide change their minds in the last minutes of life only to realize too late that they can do nothing to stop it. Usually by that time the person is often too incapacitated to pick up the phone. It is too late. Imagine those painfull minutes unable to move or change your mind. Suicide is never pretty. It is never OK to commit suicide. Get help today.

LGBT Hotlines

Trevor Hot line: LGBT ages 13-24

LGBT Hotline: All Ages

Transgender Online Suicide Prevention: Private Crisis Rooms

Laura's Playground has Online Transgender moderators who are certified in Youth Suicide Prevention. We specialize in Suicide Prevention for Transgender persons only. Private crisis chat rooms.

For more suicide prevention Information

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