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Transgender people are a spiritual people. Over 93% believe in a higher power. Unfortunately though many churchs and religions have turned their back on us. Some have even launched hate campaigns against us, calling us sinful and abominations. You would think this would shake our faith but it hasn't. Exodus and some evangelical based organizations have even tried to "Cure" us through outdated reparative therapy and have left many suicide victims in their wake. Many LGBT people have been told that we are "better off to commit suicide then to remain homosexual or transsexual".

There are many that do accept us exactly as we are. They are based on love and acceptance rather than bigotry and hate. This page lists churches and faith organizations that are transgender or LGBT friendly. We have also invited Transgender Friendly Ministers to post their messages of hope here on this page as guests. This list is a service to our users and does not imply endorsement by this site or it's owner.

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