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Butterfly Arrangement

Transgender Politics: ENDA Articles

Recent news articles on ENDA have been too numerous to keep them all on the Transgender news page. This page is an archive of all articles that were on the news page where they first were. As the articles age they are moved here. If you didn't know, both Barney Frank And HRC have sold the Transgendered down the river and are in favor of dropping Transgender people from The ENDA Bill. This is even though 250 national and local LGBT groups support us. Obviously HRC is not a friend of the Transgendered. Denying HRC Transgender funds will send a clear message. ENDA 2008

ENDA: Has "LGB" dropped the "T"? Ask HRC

TTPC, TEP review discrimination law, lobby for transgender rights: Interactive

What Works for Minnesota Can Work for America: Support a Trans-Inclusive ENDA

Alliance of LGBT Organizations Demands Transgender Inclusive ENDA

Transgender Rights Reinserted in Controversial Gay-Workplace Bill

House Committee Approves ENDA Without Trans Protections

Congresswoman Advocates for Transgender Rights: Audio Interview

Congressman Barney Frank stands behind transgender re-inclusion in ENDA: Asks COLLEAGUES TO SUPPORT REP. BALDWIN'S GENDER IDENTITY AMENDMENT TO ENDA

Transgender-free ENDA advances in House

Does the 'T' Stand Alone?

Barney Frank Says It's "Unrealistic" to Expect Representation from our Representatives

If you support equality, support ENDA

Why ENDA Must Cover Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

ENDA The Status Quo *

BELIEVE IT OR WHAT: San Francisco unites for transgender inclusion in employment non-discrimination protection - And a BLIND ITEM

All of us, every one of us

Strong ENDA Needed to Protect LGBT People

QueerSighted Debates ENDA: GLB or GLBT?

Transgender Employees: What’s an Employer to Do?

Protect the transgendered from job bias

He just can’t stop spouting nonsense: About John Aravosis

When Will The GLB join the T?

Pelosi/ HRC ENDA 'Bargain' - The Inside Story

Some gays oppose bill to prohibit bias on job

Grassroots revolt against trans exclusion from federal job bill

Stripped ENDA Moves Forward Against Community's Wishes

A civil rights abuse or not?

Pics and editorial from a TG person over ENDA

More ENDA Commentary: Interactive

Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats

Rep. Frank, gay rights advocates divided over job bias protections for transgender workers

Nearly 300 Organizations From Across the Nation Unite to Press Congress to Secure Transgender-Inclusive Employment Nondiscrimination Legislation

NGLTF Editorial On ENDA

ENDA: An Embarassment

Between the Lines: Bill leaves out transgendered

Pelosi's speech at the HRC dinner *

Photos From Transgender Equality Protest at HRC Dinner

Transgender Protest At HRC Dinner

Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Urges Inclusion Of Transgender People In Federal Workplace Discrimination Bill

A word about Nancy Pelosi's speech at the gay rights dinner

A somewhat disturbing article: Interactive

The ENDA controversy: Interactive

How Far Will Democrats Go On Gay, transgender Rights? *

National Center for Transgender Equality

On ENDA: what this discussion shouldn't be: Interactive

More on ENDA: Interactive

Gender-Identity Expression, Discrimination, and the Law

HRC Trans Board Member Explains Why She Resigned

Transgender Workplace Diversity: ENDA - The Sin of Omission

The Great American Public On Transgender: Just the Numbers

The ENDA situation: how you can help.

ENDA candlelight vigil tonight / panel discussion Monday

If ENDA Doesn't Protect the Transgendered, It Doesn't Protect Me

HRC Alone in Eschewing No-Compromise Stand

More Than A Symbol; Interactive

Enda Breakthrough *

Heeding Task Force, HRC, Many Others, Congress Slows Down ENDA

House Postpones Action on Non-Transgender ENDA

Bill stalls over Transgender protections

More than 90 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations tell Congress: Don't leave transgender people behind! HRC missing in action

LGBT Groups Oppose New Employment Discrimination Law

What's Worse, ENDA without Transgender Protection, or no ENDA?

Barney Frank Bails on the Transgender Community

Part 3 You BETRAYED US Barney Frank and John Aravosis

From the National Center for Transgender Equality

Don't Throw the Transgendered Under the Bus

Late Sunday Nite: “We’ll Pick You Up Later”

Joe Solmonese On Transgender Inclusion

Should We Kill ENDA if Transgendered People Aren't Included?: Interactive

Our Fight For Anti-Discrimination Laws: Barney Frank drops the "T" in LGBT and splits Community

Transgender Protections Stripped from ENDA

Sold Down The River... Again

A Letter to Congressman Frank

T-Minus ENDA: Interactive

Discuss Transgender Inclusion in Enda and Hate Crimes Bills: Interactive

Cut Transgender People Out of ENDA? No Way!: Take action now!

Should we kill ENDA if transgendered people aren't included? : A Gay Viewpoint

Congress may split workplace protection bill

Senate OKs hate-crimes bill protecting gays, lesbians But House Democrats weaken employment legislation for transgender people. Transgendered abandoned by Barney Frank

A non-transgender-inclusive ENDA? No way!

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