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Butterfly Arrangement

Transgender Minister Rips Off Laura's Playground's Logo

by Laura Amato

Did you ever notice that religous people who are homophobic and Transphobic never claim to be without sin themselves. They consider Transsexuals sinful. "He who is without sin should cast the first stone". The other commandments they are a bit fuzzy on like thou shalt not steal. The Reverend Jerry Leach who touts the benefits of EXodus and runs an anti-transsexual, anti-homosexual site has broken the law and ripped Laura's PLayground off by stealing our logo graphic and identity. My logo and site are copyright protected. The Rev Leech is also Transgendered and a fetishist driven by his fantacies. He is against Transgender support sites like ours even though our mission is to prevent transgender suicide, prevent irreverible mistakes and recomend Therapy. It's no matter that we have saved thousands of lives here.

The little crossdresser angel graphic that is my logo was designed personally for me by a friend in June of 1995. It is the main symbol for Laura's Playground. It identifies us to Transgendered people around the world. Since it is an original graphic there is no way Reality Resources Publications and Jerry Leach can claim ownership as my ownership is well documented. Jerry stole two graphics right off of Laura's Playgrounds front page and placed them on his own site as an insult to us. Look at his Page of Jerry's and this page as well. Pure and simple this minister is a thief not to mention sex obsessed. He confuses crossdressers, Transgenderists and autogynophillia with Transsexualism. If you wish to express your outrage to this ripoff artist with no morals you can write to him. Give him this link. It's ironic that this transgendered man of God steals from the very transgendered sites he despises. He is making fun of this site and our mission to prevent transgender suicide by using my own logo. Even worse Many of the suicide attempts we handle come from Exodus clients and visitors to his site. Jerry Leach is a dangerous man (?). It is obvious he has mispelled his last name he should call himself Reverend Jerry the Leech. I am by the way taking legal action against this sex obsessed transophobe and have reported his site.

Laura's Playground is not affiliated with Jerry Leach (Leech) and does not endorse his site despite his trying to imply that we do. His site and sites like his cause suicides by instilling overwhelming guilt and shame. He calls it a mental disorder but then makes it worse. There's nothing like kicking someone when they are down. While a social worker is the bottom rung of the Psychology therapy ladder he tries to second guess reknowed Psychiatrists and Harry Benjamin. Obviously even though he doesn't have the same education he thinks he knows more then Doctor Benjamin and disputes his medical research. It's like a second grader disputing a teachers knowledge. Jerry states that he is not a therapist, Psycholgist or mental health professional. He is not a medical Doctor either. It's interesting though that this ignorant man disputes every study about us and our medical treatment provided by qualified professionals.

Ministers (Leach) who cry the loudest about Homosexuality, Transsexuality and sex often have problems themselves like the Rev Haggard and others . They are the pot calling the kettle black. With a 31% suicide rate and over 50% of Transsexuals having at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday the Rev Leach should know better. He goes out of his way to make problems worse for those on the brink of suicide. The person he preaches against is really himself. He was compulsive and his own motives were sexual. This is not the case with "real" Transsexuals. The people he and Exodus hold up as "cured" examples aren't Transsexual either. They are fetishists and fantasists. He doesn't know the difference. He thinks Transgenderists (shemale is the porn term) are TS as well. They are not. What is more interesting is that we have handled several suicide attempts here from former Exodus graduates and several who have corresponded with with this supposed man of God. This is because neither recommends therapy by a mental health professional but treatment by church "counselors" (?) instead. They are in effect "Witch Doctors". The result is that they have the blood of many transgendered people on their hands. Ministers preach that suicides go to hell. If that true the Reverend Jerry Leach and Exodus have increased the population there ten fold with their unprofessional treatment of members of our community.

Imagine being sent to Exodus or Rev Leach and needing a therapist for Clinical Depression, OCD, bi-polar, DID and other mental problems. Instead church "counselors" call you devils, sick, perverted and unworthy of God's love unless you stop crossdressing. They repeat in homophobic terms that you are against God's Plan. You are insulted, harrassed and surrounded by homphobic religous Nuts taunting you in the worst ways imaginible. You are loathed by them and society you are told. This mantra and mental torture continues over and over again till you relent. When you do, they claim a cure and praise the Lord. This is very similar to what POW's Prisoners of War go through. It's called brainwashing. You still feel transgendered but you shut your mouth to stop their wrath. Your feelings are still there but you are now cut off from your peers and the mental health Profession. You will suffer with this until eventually, you crack or commit suicide. All Jeery Leach and Exodus have to say is "O well that's one less Tranny in the world". This was their intention all along. Their cures, you see are only temporary and bogus to begin with.

They don't do this to help you. They do it to help them. They are both homophobic and transphobic and you scare them because they see part of you in themselves. You are THEIR problem, they think to themselves. They aren't interested in science or your mental health. They want you eliminated. It's all they care about. Science is something they try to debunk with church counselors. The Reverend Pat Robertson said the following after Hurricanne Katrina wiped out New Orleans: "The reason for Katrina is that it is God's Punishment for Homosexuality". He said this depite scientific evidence that says that it was a product of Global warming. Now we know Global warming to be a fact and a by-product of Man, not God. We did it to ourselves.

The only thing we agree on is that people need to be very sure before they go through surgery. I've written several articles on this. Most TG support sites work very hard to keep people from making mistakes as do we. No one pushes anyone into anything. Instead we get people professional help. We do what we do not because of religion or a book that still condones stoning sinners to death but because it is right. Morality is not exclusive to errant ministers.

Out of all the people on the planet Transsexual and Transgender people have prayed the most and the longest for the same thing, inner peace and singularity. No lightening bolts from above came down and struck or cured them. People are suffering terribly and all the Reverend Leach can offer them is prayer, guilt and shame. Instead of joining our community he despises it. He would deny rights to us to be free from harrasment and disrimination in our daily lives because he feels it is a lifestyle choice and not the natural occurence it is. After all the bible says so. Better to get us to fit his religous mold. It's like trying to fit a triangle into a round hole. Instead the Reverend Leach tries to carve us to his liking and that of society. He'd have us all hide in dark little rooms somewhere so we wouldn't remind him of what he is, a transgendered person in need of help.

Looks like Jerry the Leech loves stealing copyrighted stuff from Transgendered sites. He has ripped off sveral of them and has many other violations. One wonders what he's doing to ourTranssexual photos in the bathroom. He's probably saying "O God O God O God, O Yes." Careful Jerry a minister could go blind doing that.

To Transgendered and Transsexuals

Sometimes our inner pain is overwhelming. When that happens please remember that you are not alone. Don't get treated by religous "counselers" who claim they will cure you. As nice and well meaning as that sounds it is just not true, despite their claims. It's like purging. Eventually it comes back. It will always be with you. The good news is there is Real treatment for you that can help. Every one of us need to see a Gender Therapist at least once if for no other reason to be screened for , Depression, OCD or any mental problems. The world is not kind to us and for many of us we have no slef esteem at all from years of crap from society.

Despite what the religous nuts, homophobes and transphobes say you have a right to be yourselves and a right to be here. No one can say otherwise. The problem is them not you. They are not Godlike in their behavior towards you though they thump their bible that still condones stoning people to death. They go against everything that Jesus stands for. They are the sinners, not you. Trust me God loves you more, not less.


The Reverend Jerry Leach was offered the chance to dispute the theft charges I made here on a TV and radio show to debate Karen our Vice president. He "declined".

April 13th, 2007 Jerry has apologized to me for copying the images from my site. He promised that they will be removed as soon as his "Webguy" gets back from Pakistan at the end of April or early May. He says that "his actions were un-intentional" and that he did not know he could not copy from web sites or that they are copyrighted. This despite the copyright displayed on the same page he took the images from, my front page. As Jerry and I have started a dialogue by email and he has apologized for copying the images I am treating his mail as confidential for now. If the images are not removed however that will change. I have extended my hand to him like Jesus would do.

May 1st, 2007

Jerry was true to his word and his site is down. I do not know if it will be down permanently. My copyrighted images are no longer visible. To those who wrote to him I think you have opened his eyes to our reality. I consider the matter now closed.

Exodus and other reparative ministries exposed in the treatment of Gays and transgendered

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