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News of the Transgender Community! The following Links are to Transsexual, Transgendered and Crossdressers news items across the globe. Feel free to discuss them in the News And Events Forum. This list will change Daily. Full Rss Transgender News Feed below. Page also contains other Trans related rss feeds and articles at the end of the page. Articles are provided for Information only and do not necessarily reflect the Views of Laura's Playground. Because of the short term nature of news links most articles are deleted within three to seven days as new ones are added. Editorials and Blogs reflect the opinion of the author only. Many stories and articles are interactive and allow you to comment or to write the editor. Red stars are a marker to indicate where a days worth of stories start up and continue up to the next star.

One thing you may notice is that most of these news items won't appear in your local newspaper unless a transsexual commits a crime. It appears most newspapers want to keep our pain and suffering a secret. Make your outrage or joy known. Some articles allow letters to the editor and room for your comments. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. If you disagree or agree with articles or their content, either respond to the author directly or have your voice heard in our Forums.

If you are searching for an article but don't see it here please search the site for the title in the Google site search box below.


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Transgender Suicide Prevention Online Chat

Remembering Our Transgender Dead: November 20th

Transsexual Transgender Crossdressers Daily World News

Court allows tax deduction for woman’s sex-change

U.S. Tax Court Rules in Favor of SRS Deduction

Honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. *

Support Disaster Relief in Haiti

Trans man wins Facebook victory over banned photos

Transgender New Englander killed in Haiti identified as Vermont artist

Transgenders pledge to donate eyes

Italy to open transgender-only prison

Obama Names “Transgender” Appointee to Commerce Department – Part 1

Airport scanners may breach human rights, watchdog says

NPR's This American Life Tells a Tale of Two Eight-Year-Old Transgenders

Take Action Against Uganda's Death Sentence Legislation for Homosexuality

"Guardian Angel" of Gulf Transsexuals

Youngest Patient to undergo Sex Change Surgery

Death of Honduran gay activist illustrates spike in hate crimes *

NY bans discrimination against transgender state employees

Legislative Editor Fired over Sex Change, Seeks Reinstatement

Transgender advocates slam Pawlenty over Newsweek interview

Testosterone and the Trans Male Singing Voice

Helping Youths Who Struggle With Identity

It's what's on the inside that counts!

Welcome to the Boing Boing guestblog, Andrea James! b

Manager Fired After Transgender Discrimination Claim *

Mike Penner dies at 52; Los Angeles Times sportswriter: Transgender writer

L.A. Times Transgender Sports Writer Dead of Suspected Suicide

Did Transgender Torture Lead to Sportswriter's Suicide? b

Thinking About Mike Penner; Thinking Again About Detransition b

Woodside men indicted in transgender attack: DA

Tragic story of murdered transsexual, whose uncle was one of the Guildford Four

Hardships faced by transsexual people in Kenya

Transsexual's fight for a visa

FTM Resources in India

California city woos gay tourists

Transgender officer living his dream -- as a cop and a man

Cleveland City Council expected to pass transgender rights ordinance

Sex Change Rules Mended: China

Transsexual Is Argentina’s “Woman of the Year”

Transsexual Model Fights Prejudice

Face-Shaven Chaz Bono: 'I'm Living the Life That I Always Wanted' *

For transgender people, acceptance is hard to find-even in LGBT community

Bolivian transvestites win battle over ID pictures

Murder charge over transsexual's death

Law & Social Change: The True Significance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance b

State Changes Trans-ID Policy

It’s a boy? Disappointment plagues some moms

Transgender Awareness Week promotes education, remembrance

Stop – remember November 20th

Trans Week fights transphobia

House of Reps. offers proclamation in support of Transgender Day of Remembrance

What Does Transgender Day of Remembrance Mean to You?

[Survey] Sexism as Experienced by Transgender Individuals

Gay Couple Banned From Wal-Mart For Life

Chaz Bono steps out at TLC event

Lovers' quarrel allegedly led to killing

Transsexual Miss World: Japanese Haruna Ai Won! *

Prejudice has no foundation in Bible, says transsexual author

Transsexual burglar who stole women's clothes spared jail

Google Sued: Sex, Religious Discrimination

Aussie gov't apologizes to transsexual

Great news for Tampa's transgendered!

Transgender therapy coming to K-State

Transgender man supported in custody case

Obama Signs First Major Piece of LGBT Civil Rights Legislation Into Law *

Family of Matthew Shepard reacts to Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Nightclub owner says allegations of discrimination against transgendered woman a misunderstanding

Seventeen Magazine Doesn’t Do Much To Encourage Compassion For Transgender Teens

Nothing sick or abnormal regarding transsexuals

Hopes of transgender patient

Uganda / ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ Bill Threatens Liberties and Human Rights Defenders Proposed Provisions Illegal, Ominous, and Unnecessesaryary

Reports of homophobic crimes rise in London

FedEx delivers the goods for transgendered

AMC Recognized for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Workplace Policies and Benefits

A mother's story: Hate crime brings new bond with transgender child

Josie Romero, the eight-year-old 'sex change girl' who was born a boy *

It’s hard for parents to accept Transgendered Teen

Transgender Children's Bill Of Human Rights b

House Passes Defense Authorization Conference Report, Including Hate Crimes Provision

Transgender Hate Crimes Panel Provides Personal Stories as well as Advocacy Insight

Italy's gay rights pledge as hate crimes rise

Obama aide to gays: Passing workplace-bias law will be tough

Harsh Realities For Transgender Students b

ENDA: Waking Up Too Early To Possible Trans Subcommunity Erasure b

Transsexual in court appeal for breast enlargement *

Reaction to Mayor's Cross-Dressing Confession *

Drag Queens Strike Back -- Knock Out Attackers

Transgenders Get Recognition in Pakistan

Seven out of Ten LGBT Adults, Given the Choice, Prefer Jobs in States That Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

Transgendered teacher files complaint over firing *

HRC rates national, local companies on 'equality'

TRANS HEALTH CARE REFORM It's About Life and Death

Crossdressing Help For Beginners.

Violence Against the Transgendered Only Getting Worse *

Who is Advocating for Homeless LGBT Youth?

Man who become first in world to become pregnant with twins seeks new round of IVF treatment

Minister Reveals Transgender Secret

Our Sexual Identity Crisis

CIGNA Cardiologist Rebecca Allison, M.D., Becomes President of Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Transgender Kids Posters

EPA Looking at Regulation of Gender Bender Chemicals in Drinking Water *

Haters defaced Memphis Gay and Lesbian National Coming Out Billboard

Brooklyn, Oct 7: Trans Hate Crimes Forum

U.S. Bill Would Ban Firings Due to Sexual Leaning

Investigation Into Attacks on Transgender Man in La Matanza

Is homosexuality natural?

Study Shows Persistent Pattern of Discrimination Against Gay, Transgender and Lesbian Employees by State and Local Governments

Body of Transsexual found close to the Bali Hai Port. *

Autopsy finds low level of medication in transgender man hit, killed by car

The Endocrine Society Unveils New Clinical Guideline Addressing the Endocrine Treatment of Persons with Gender Identity Disorder

Transgender Teen Body Image Issues

Transsexual War Of Independence

Hormone 'blockers' could be offered to under-16s seeking sex change *

No Regrets for Changing Sex b

Tabloid Hype transgender children b

Are you ashamed of being a Crossdresser? *

Oregon killing of transgendered woman unsolved 8 years later *

"Person of Interest" Wanted in Transgender Killing

Boy of 12 set to be youngest transsexual in the UK

A Forgotten Youth: New York City Queer Homeless Youth Survive at the Bottom of the Barrel

Treating transsexual kids: wait for, then delay puberty to treat

Raising the Bar for Transgender-Related Insurance Coverage on the Corporate Equality Index

Female-to-Male Transsexuals to Be Spared Draft

The atypical brain development of transsexuals

Are trans men at higher risk for post-hysterectomy VVF than women?

I became a woman at 70, says Sheffield ex miner

Transman 3 part video series b

Police seek convicted killer of trans sex worker *

New sex change regulation in Thailand

Transgendered Vancouverite assaulted at gunpoint

Transgender rape charge deemed legit *

>Suicide higher for LGBT youth

Steps can be taken to prevent suicide

How New Research Helps Parents Cope With Gay and Transgender Kids

Health care reform and LGBT Americans

Suspended sentence for rape of transgender woman *

Church fires transgender choirmaster

SF mourns trans murder in DC *

Transgender & Transsexual Issues 101: 'The Top Five Silliest Questions to Ask a Transsexual Person'

XY Girls – What is their gender identity?

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals as a Source of Environmental Stochasticity

Deadly Shooting at Tel Aviv Gay Center 2 dead 10 wounded mostly teens *

Bill O'Reilly Mocks Transgender Mayor in Oregon

God's work: Transsexuals in Iran

Vatican says 'sex-change' operation does not change person's gender

The catholic church comes out against transsexual and transgender rights

Sally Barry (1926 - ) Harry Benjamin's first patient b

Dominican Police Investigate Two Transgender Murders

U.S. House passes "hate crime" bill that Bush opposed

Transsexual Begins First Day As Lake Worth City Manager

TG Archive: 1847 Transman Arrested

Two boys commit suicide after enduring homophobic bullying at school *

A woman's quest to erase a past that won't die

Transgender Mortality Rate: Suicide, Medical, Violence

A Cheap, Fast and Possibly Deadly Route to Beauty

Transsexual Melek’s Killer Arrested *

Greeley jurors hear "gay things need to die" tape in murder trial

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Chilean transsexual follows the path of Renee Richards

post mortem on someone detransitioning b

Transgender Suicide Report: Actual *

Transgender drag performer found dead in Fayetteville

Getting to the Roots of Hate Crime

Angie Zapata's Story

Understanding the Complex Lives of Our Transgender Community

Homophobia high

Who do you think you are?

Sen. Chris Buttars: Gays Greatest Threat To America

Estimates of the Number of LGBT Individuals

Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Videotaped Beating of Transgendered Woman

Survey reveals Veterans Administration discriminates against Transgender Veterans *

Transgender Spiruality Web Page and Forums Opens on Lara's Playground *

Transgender, Transsexual, Peers Wanted for Suicide Prevention Help

Transsexuality gene' boosts male hormones: FTM Transman gene identified

In transgender circles, silicone is a risky shot at womanhood: Disfigurement can result

Transsexualism Is A Biological Phenomenon: Researcher


Dr Phil: The Jerry Springer of Psychology: Transgender

Best Places to Work 2008 for LGBT Persons

Gender torment of 10-year-old Cameron who committed suicide *

Suicide and the Transgendered: Transgender Suicide Prevention Service Online

Dr Phil: The Jerry Springer of Psychology: Transgender

We are the Trans Community Transgender Transsexual: United we stand divided we fall *

Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) Transsexual Peer Review: Warning HBS Standards of Care and terms not Medically Approved

Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Scientific, Surveys, Research and Results

Transgender Electrologist Verified List: Resource

Laura's Playground Launches Brand New Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex and Crossdressers Forums: Member Blogs added, Register Today *

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