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Laura's Playground Presents

Transgendered, Transsexual, Crossdressers Personal Stories and Biographies

In our effort to show you that You are Not Alone, we are going to make space available to our users to tell their stories. In making this site I have discovered the written word to be very therapeutic for me. It is my belief that in providing personal space that it will help other Transgendered Folks as well. We already provide Transgendered poetry and Thoughts for the day personal space. This will become one more addition to compliment those pages. These pages can become like your own personal mini site open to Transgendered, Crossdressers and Transsexuals, both MTF Male to Female and FTM Female to Male.

The rules are pretty simple. Tell your story in your own personal words and style. When do you believe you became a Crossdresser, or transsexual, what do you believe caused it and how have you dealt with it? I expect that this section will not only help you but others as well.

Bear in mind that we have a large Transgendered teen population here so language and content should be for a PG13 audience. Because of our audience Freedom of Speech doesn't enter here. The rules as we develop them have to be followed here. Everything must be in those guidlines. I will continue this project as both time and space permits me to. As owner of the site I reserve the right to edit all final entries as I see fit. Once published they become the property of this site. Of course I will work with you on any changes or deletions.

Please be patient as these Pages will take time to develop. When you read the pages within you may see yourself as well. Remember that everyone is baring their soul in here so be kind with your comments in the forums.

Laura Amato

The following pages are in the Index

MTF Transsexual Personal Stories

FTM Transsexual Personal Web Pages

Crossdressers Personal Web Pages

Transgenderist Personal Web Pages

Andogyony Personal Web Pages

Intersexxed Personal Web Pages

Parents of TG Personal Web Pages

Wives and Partners of TG Personal Web Pages


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