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Teenage years are a usually tough time for young adults even if they are psychologically healthy. A Transgendered Teen can go through sheer hell. Who do you turn to and who do you tell? Society as a whole is largely homophobic and this can include parents as well. TG Teens are subject to taunts, harrassment and ridicule. It is no wonder then that our most vulnerable group for suicide is Transgendered Teens. Many will at least have thoughts or actually attempt it. Others are involved in self cutting or body mutilation procedures.

We at Laura's Playground understand this all to well. We provide Teens Transgendered Personal Support In a clean Supervised enviornment. This condition is treatable under medical supervision and we provide the resources to get there. Our Moderators are certified in Youth Suicide Prevention.

One of the toughest delemna a teen faces is how to tell parents and friends and ask for help. Being a Transsexual Teen can be a very confusing and agonizing experience. Puberty can be a life altering horror story. At the very least they need to have their voices heard. After all this is not a whim. Many have felt this way their entire short lives. Please listen to your teens and get them medical help immeadiatly. Despite all the camps that claim they can cure them in practice it does not work for more than a short while. Try to understand. This is not a lifestyle choice but a medical condition. It is not a religous matter but a physical, provable medical condition.. Treatment is available but not a cure. Therapy is the best and only answer. One only needs to look at the writings of our members to realize what happened to us in our teen years.

We have support meeting in our chat rooms where Trans Teens are protected from predators. You will find our teen resources below. We also have support for parents as well.

I have started a forum for Teens. Its a good place to write out how you feel. You can even start your own Blog. Only teens and young adults can post new messages. All members though, may reply to them to give you the benefit of their experience. A word of Caution, The internet can be a dangerous place. NEVER share your personal information, last name, adress, email or phone number with anyone. You may communicate by private message just like in chat. However if ANYONE tries to solicite you for your personal info report it to a Moderator immeadiately. Predators will be reported and prosecuted. Anyone can pose as a teen or transgendered to gain your trust. So please be careful out there. All of your behavior in the chat rooms so far has been exemplary. Keep up the good work. You make me proud.


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