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Support for Significant Others and Family

Finding out that the one you love is a (CD) Crossdresser, (TG) Transgendered or (TS) Transsexual can be very stressful on family life. In the case of the Crossdresser it is an merely expression of his feminine side. Crosdressers are usually more sensitive then other men. CrossDressing is a coping mechanisim to deal with male stress. crossdressers are all man and are rarely gay. Some select few may have OCD or Obsessive compulsive disorder which is controlled by medication. This will not cure crossdressing behaviour though. Crossdressing rarely leads to divorce since compromises can be made where and when dressing can take place. In almost all cases crossdressers are content being male. There are many Support groups for crossdressers and their families. Crossdressing is not an illness.

Being Transgendered or Transsexual is quite different however in that the individual either wants to be or feels like a woman. In the Male to female (MTF) or Female to Male's (FTM) case being the wrong gender with the wrong body has been with them as their first concious thought. Being Transsexual is inborn and not a lifestyle choice. Treatment usually involves a Gender therapist, Transition or living and working as the other Gender and finally surgery. It is rare that a marraige can survive this, Those that do are usually older. If children are desired arrangements should be made to bank sperm or eggs when possible. The sad thing is that the pre-op suicide rate for Transgendered and Transsexual folk is over 50%. Post -op rates are below normal

This site is a personal support site for all transgendered partners and family members. See the links below. Ask questions in the forums or chat rooms.

Too often wives and partners concerns are not addressed and they should be. Crossdressers need to reach a compromise with their wives which usually involves private time to dress. If you don't want to partiicipate you shouldn't have to. Transsexuals don't always realize what they are asking of their partners because they have been suffering for so long. It is unfair for them to expect you to change your orientation.

You are not alone. Use the chat rooms and forums to speak to others like you. Also attend our wives and partners support meetings listed below.

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Chat Room Support for Wives and Family

If you have more questions or just need support Laura's Playground has weekly meeting for you in our Significant Others Chat room. They are held every Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern Time. Get the support you need. Anushka is our wives and partners Moderator and the wife of a Transsexual.




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