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Butterfly Arrangement

No Judgement in Texas Transgender, Transsexual Town

by Laura Amato Exclusive

Rising from the ashes of an old ghost town could be a new one in the State of Texas. The former town now known as BRYANT STATION, TEXAS was recently purchased by two transsexuals on staff here at Laura's Playground named Sharleah and Karen who are both Vice Presidents here. They plan to establish a Transgender Support Community there providing housing, medical care and job training for transgendered people. There are plans to re-name the town NoJudgement Texas.

Other towns are also being looked at that already have established water, electricity and cable and phone services unlike Bryant station. This means those towns would take less capital to develop in the short term.

The Towns though LGBT flavored and protected would be open to everyone. It would not be an isolated or exclusive community. Laws would be enacted to protect LGBT persons from discrimination and hate crimes. It would encourage them to come out and live as their true selves, allowing them to work, live and play in peace.

There are towns where this has happened such as San Francisco, Provincetown and Northampton Massachusetts. This town would be different as there would be many more central services for the transgendered necessary to complete the (RLE) Real Life Experience that many in the community need to go through before surgery. While their have always been large LGB groups across the country Transgender and Transsexual communities are scattered and small in number making centralized locations for support difficult. This would change that by providing all services in one location.

It would be similar to many college or job training towns in that there would be a transitory element and one for permanent residents. It would be like any medium size community with schools, fire, police, shops, recreation areas and tourist attractions as well as a craft center where residents could show off their wares and talents. Hotels, motels and quality restaurants would also be included.

Such a place has long been the dream of many in the TG Community. It would also make it easier to solve some of our most pressing problems. Transsexuals have a horrendous suicide rate with 50% having had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Unemployment in the transgender community stands at 70% and medical care for most is non-existant.


While Bryant Station would be a long term project that won't be ready for some time other ghost towns could provide more immediate results where basic services already exist. A trailer park (no, not the formaldehyde ones from FEMA) could be in place in short order with permanent residences in place within a year. As in any project there are a great many things to work out. Any one with skills would be in high demand. It is hoped that job training for the rest would be in place fairly quickly.


Note: Bryant Station has been removed from consideration.

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