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Transgender News Articles Archives

Most of the articles in our Transgender Daily News last for an average of five to seven days. In many cases the articles are no longer available on the Internet as is common for news articles. The creation of this page is to hold older news articles that would otherwise be discarded. After the page is full only the best articles will be kept.

Transgender Daily World News

Transgender Suicide Prevention Online

Transgender Online Support Meetings For All Groups

Transgender News Archives

Court rules in favour of transsexual: Germany

Transgender teenager mourned as police investigate her death

Greeley Murder Victim Was Transgender

Family believes hate crime was motive for murder *

Equality agency intervenes in gender identity cases: Ireland

Top German court okays 'transsexual' to stay with wife

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Debuts Baby

Police Officers Finally On Trial For Beating Transsexual: Turkey *

Television programme calls transgender people 'human monsters'

>Transgender People Need Advocacy At Work

Protesting transsexual found dead in Sevilla

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace, 2nd Edition

Man charged with sexually assaulting, robbing three transgender women *

GLBT Consumers See Financial Services Differently Than Others

GLAAD, MTPC take on Herald for ’offensive coverage of transgender people’

Trans parents, trans kids: two new guides

San Fran activists protest HRC

NYC transgender shelter says director attacked

"Pregnant man" documentary in the works

Transgender Children out of the Shadows: Video

Transgender children who are lost Interactive

Questions About Transgender Rights

Memphis: Police investigating transgender homicide

U.S. transgender "man" gives birth

Male mum Thomas Beatie gives birth

Sex-change woman claims hate campaigners almost killed her

Police Shoot, Injure Transgender Woman

Transgender Scholarships; Fantasia Fair

Historic congressional hearing on transgender protection

AUDIO: Congressional hearing on transgender workplace issues

Transgender rights spread, but opposition mounts

Congress comes out to the Transgender Community - Part 3

24-hour help for gay youth *

Congressional Hearings on Transgender discrimination; Video

T-House, an online transgender center, launched by Broward County Health Department

T-House; A digital drop-in center for the Transgender Community: Welcome

Protect Gender Identity Disorder in the DSM-V b

Transgender Pilot Overcomes Discrimination to Renew Flying License Despite FAA *

Mom accepts transgender Manchester tween

Boston group starts 'Transgender Rights Project'

New transgender policy at New York juvenile jails

Treatment of Young MTF Transsexuals: Transsexual Children

Mormon church enters Calif. gay marriage fight

Congress to hold first-ever hearing on transgender discrimination *

Shelter beds are urged for transgendered men

Transgender Children out of the Shadows: Video

Pseudo-science still tries to ‘cure’ LGBT people

Transgender Glossary: Terminology and Definitions

Memphis Police Beating of Transgendered Suspect

Memphis Police Officer Caught on Tape Beating Transsexual (VIDEO)

California Police Shoot, Injure Transgender Woman

Male juvenile lockups ordered to gender-bend clothes regulations

ACLU Sues Old Dominion Freight Lines Over Firing Of Transgender Trucker

American Medical Association Supports Transgender Health Care

Transgender vs Asperge

Transgender rights laws spread, not always calmly

A British tycoon and father of two has been a man and a woman ... and a man again Interactive

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie to publish book

DR. HOOK- Change up: Transgenders seek understanding

The State Adopts New Rules for LGBT Youths in Juvenile Detention

Transgender Advocates’ Statements on APA DSM Workgroups

Bomb threat against WTTW reported over "Out and Proud" Program

HRC Lauds Federal Court Ruling Asserting Protection for Transsexual Employees Under Existing Law

He to She: Eaton Corp. Helped Transgender Employee

Kenneth J. Zucker on transsexualism

Transsexual husband annuls marriage and enters into civil partnership with wife to keep pension benefits

Transgender Employee Resources

Children's hospital launches sex change for kids program


A Quiet Media War Reaching the GLBT demo is not just progressive, it's also essential: GLBT buying power at 690 billion.

No Judgement in Texas Transgender, Transsexual Town *

Q&A with Dr Norman Spack, paediatric endocrinologist

Pursuing the all important "pink" dollar

Obama Fully Supports "Transgender Rights

Prison pipeline for transgender youth *

Federal Court Rules Transgender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Library of Congress Can Proceed

Transgender Teen Tells Story

Transgendered male claims to be pregnant

Transgender Sex Worker Murdered: The Story That Went Underreported

Divorce transgender

The History and Legacy of the Stonewall Riots

Transgender marriage loophole

Thai army to introduce 'third category' for transsexuals *

Organisational and Institutional Violence Against the Transgendered

Stop the hate, stop the killing

NCTE analysis and review of REAL ID Act *

Transgender Executive: 'Just a Different Person Now Than I Was Then'

Transsexual Site Owner Replies to Offer from The Jerry Springer Show *

Detroit police accused of mishandling 'transgender' murder case ID

Gates Foundation support for transgendered people

New trans legal clinic kicks off Jan. 16

Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement *

MHRC Report Alleges Transgender Discrimination By Camp Kieve

Debate resumes on methods of psych professor's research

Hospital Allows Transgender Surgery

Iran Has ‘Cure’ For Homosexuals

Turkey's Anti War Transsexual Singer

Transgender History: Into the Modern Age (1700s - 1932)

Transgendered Cop Speaks for First Time

Another Gender Non-Conforming Person Murdered *

Parents talk about transgender child's transition

Cuba to offer sex change operations for Transsexuals

Higher Androgen Levels Diagnosed among the Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Transsexual inmate loses sex-change surgery lawsuit

Calpernia Addams Star of TransAmerican Love Story official website

Transgender Murdered

A Guide for Young Trans People in the UK

Pizza Hut sued for LGBT discrimination *

Transgender Woman wins Election in Tennessee

Police identify transgender murder victim, refuse to release name

Unusual perks: Goldman Sachs covers sex changes

Boy wants to return to school as a girl

Transgender people are born that way

Our worst nightmare: Mike Huckabee VP

Australian transsexual sues policemen for 'revealing her past' . Government outings becoming increasingly more common *

Mate, your girlfriend was a bloke: Media bias shows in media headline

Iran Sex Changes Get Mullahs' Money as Regime Persecutes Gays

UK Doctors 'failing' children trapped in gender limbo

Dallas clinic’s transgender health services fill need

University to Transman: No dorm room without costly surgery

Transgender teens: Doctors refine hormone, other therapies

Gender Fundamentalists by Monica Helms *

Real Transbigotry: Interactive

Iraqi Gays and Transgenders Mysteriously Disappearing…

Bereavement: A guide for Transsexual, Transgender people and their loved ones

Boys will be boys - or else: Kuwaitis who defy very narrowly defined gender stereotypes now face prison or a hefty fine

Baby taken away from Brazilian gay Transsexual couple

Transsexuals in Tehran

TransNation: 2007 Trans Year In Review Extended Online Version

A Tale of Two Susans

District allows boy in girls' restrooms Grandfather accuses officials of discriminating against heterosexuals

Task Force Homeless LGBT Youth Stats Confirmed *

Offering legal service to the gay and Transgender community

Scottsdale club that banned transgender patrons goes gay

Carmen’s Place One Year Later *

Transgender Student Barred from Men’s Locker Room *

Myths in our community that need to die a quick death

Surgeon Urges Colleagues to Reconsider Their Views About a Medical Procedure for FTM Transsexual Patients *

German court rules transsexual can be excluded from police

Two held over transsexual's murder *

TSA plan could make travel particularly unsafe for some

Donna Rose and Jamison Green Leave HRC Business Council

New trans comic: Between the Lines

Testosterone and Pregnancy: FTM

Library of Congress Can Be Sued for Discriminating Against Transgender Veteran, Says Federal Court *

Best Things About Being Married to a Transsexual

Two transgender members quit HRC group

Anti-gay comments in UK can now land you with a seven year prison term

Iran and Reality

Transgender advocate lauds OSUfor being Number 1 Transgender Friendly Campus in the Nation *

Report clearing prof Baily leaves critics unsatisfied

Transgender Families: Oprah *

Why The Transgender Community Hates HRC

Transgender MP can't be wedding witness

Transsexual can't be bridesmaid

Hate Crimes Send Message that Demands Response

Worm study may bolster idea of human sexuality being hard-wired in brain


Deborah Sampson, transgender war hero

SC junks transsexual’s plea for gender, name change *

Transvestite helps capture suspected paedophile *

Transgender Woman, IRS Fight over Tax Deduction

Oprah 2007 10 12 s22e025 Transgender Families-NewWorld

Spotlight on mental health: Scot;and

Ex-Police Officer May Get New Trial

Halloween is right around the corner, so... Phantom Genitals!

Bishops seek exemption to British proposal on transsexuals' records

Homosexuality and Transsexuality is not a lifestyle

Groups work to extend protection to gay community: Pennsylvania

California: right wing freakout over anti-discrimination bill signed by Schwarzeneggar

UK GLBT People Protected By Law - Christians Object

Dallas Police Department breaks transgender barrier

Transsexual barred from namaz: India

Becoming Jennifer Edwards

Transgendered Aggie tells her story

Transgender Idaho Inmate Suing the State

Online Survey of Inequalities and Discrimination experienced by Trans People in Europe

In Iran: Homosexuals Put to Death, But Transsexuals are Okay

New Book on Transgender Workplace Diversity available on

Iran: The Black Box?

House bill would help transgendered residents: NH

Off-limits call on female toilets as girls cool to sex-swap cop *

Male crossdressers taking hormones

Man denies transsexual's murder *

Transsexual denies entrapping former cop

Woman Suing IRS Over Sex-Change Tax Claims *

10th Circuit upholds transwoman's firing

Death threat terror of sex change couple *

Keep Transgendered Americans Protected at Work

NYPD Pepper Sprays Transgendered Gathering

Court awards Argentine teen with transgender surgery

Security Watch: Spam that just might kill you *

Buying prescription drugs online: The do's and don'ts

M.B. v. D.W., Termination Of Parental Rights Of Transgendered Parent

Transgender Woman Attacked In D.C. Witnesses: Woman Thrown Through Window *

Iran's transsexuals get Islamic approval, but face tough times at home

IRS holding the line on deducting Plastic Surgery expenses for transgender (sex change) surgery

Transgendered Sea Anemone Denounced As 'Abomination' By Clergy: Recycled

AMA Opposes Denial of Health Insurance Benefits

Trans Discharge Appeal Nixed *

New York Police Department – Serious allegations of abuse of transgender women (update)

Three Teens Indicted For Alleged Attack On Transsexual

Hate Crime in Philly

Transgender Shelter Access Training

Transsexual beauty queen buys buffaloes to help poor *

Intro: TransParents

Terri O’Connell - Transgendered Race Car Driver

Transgendered Parents and Parents-to-be's Journal

66 year old Transsexual Harassed

Groups Demand EPA Action on Gender-Bending Chemicals

Tuatara faces gender bending climate threat

Ban Urged on Chemicals Causing Gender-Bending Fish

Alarm over gender-bending chemical

Discarded drugs turn rivers into club med

First transgender officer on Kansas City’s police force looks to the future *

Transsexual wins plea to alter gender on exam certs

Born 'in the wrong body'

Gender Identity And Homophobia In Pakistan

Transsexual wins landmark identity case: Ireland *

Fired transsexual not picked for new job

A Pride Trans-formation D.C.'s trans community organizes its first dedicated Capital Pride event

Pakistan Rules on Transgender Couple

Gender Identity in Newsweek

Transcending Gender

From Newsweek - Rethinking Gender: What Makes Us Male or Female?

Transpeople's Desire: Finding A Job

Mental Disorder or Medical Syndrome

Moscow Gay Rights Rally Turns Violent Video

Moscow pride ends with violence, injuries, arrests *


Gender reassignment doctor still allowed to practice

Transgender bill gets governor's signature: VT

In Brutal Raid, Iran Arrests 87, Jails 17 *

Doctor With A Quick Sex-Change Trigger?

Transgendered NASCAR Driver Tells All

Newsweek's transgender profiles


Would Jesus Discriminate? All Signs Point to 'No'

Report: Murder Rate Rises For Transgender Women *

Sex change doctor rushed treatments, GMC rules *

Q&A: Russell Reid inquiry

Minister's calling magnified by his journey: Transman

Beating & Killing for God: The killing of gay & lesbian Iraqis by religious fundamentalist death squads. Transgendered Iraqi who was shot and killed: Interactive

The nature vs. nurture debate about gender

Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic

Transgender teen free to be herself

Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic

Ftm medical questions

Insurance victory for Ohio transsexual

Newsweek’s “Gender” Article and the Tragedy of “M” : Interactive

Transgender Student Named Prom Queen

Pakistani court orders arrest of transsexual couple *

Philadelphia Police Fail To Investigate Suspicious Death of a Transgender Woman

Transgender and mental illness: double stigma

Female Voice Tips

Real ID Town Hall -- a report

Trans community angered over Detroit News coverage of murder
Term "transvestite" raises red flag


20/20 Special, Transgender Children and their Families

Work of 'ex-gay' therapist Richard Cohen vanishes from NARTH, PFOX sites

Pitch switch: Transsexuals get speech therapy

Custody terms changed over child’s gender identity issues

Transgender Children Face Unique Challenges *

Transgendered Children Video With Barabarra Walters 20/20

Transgender Children: Resources

Transgender Children: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Gender Identity Disorder?

The Transgendered Brain

Transgender Kids and their struggle

Custody terms changed over child’s gender identity issues

Transgender Children Face Unique Challenges *

Transgendered Children Video With Barabarra Walters 20/20

Transgender Children: Resources

Transgender Children: Frequently Asked Questions

'I'm a Girl' - Understanding Transgender Children

Born in the wrong body: Video

My Secret Life: Transgendered Children Video 2

Facing Rejection: Transgendered Children Video 3

Transgender Children Face Unique Challenges

What Is Gender Identity Disorder?

State Reps Mock Trans Bill

Illinois Lawmakers Make Fun of Trans Bill

Sportswriter Mike to become Christine

Global warming a gender bender for lizards

For Bearded Lizards, Heat Trumps Genes When It Comes to Gender

US lawmakers mock gender reassignment

Transgender dentist continues legal fight

Three people but one truth gender dysphoria is not a mental illness...

Series Of Unsolved Transgender Murders *

Transgender Girl Thrown out of a 4th Story Window

Doctor says sex correction cases need societal support

Made by Nature: Understanding Gender Dysphoria

Warning: Liquid silicone pumping can disfigure, kill

Transsexual regret


Homeless LGBT Youth a "National Disgrace"

The Federal Government Is Accused Of Ignoring Gay and Transgender Homeless Youth

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference: formerly HBIGDA

An investigation into the publication of J. Michael Bailey's book on transsexualism by the National Academies

FTM Resources


The transsexual postman so upset he hid delivery parcels

Rise Against battles Bush administration over suicide hotline funds endagered for 1-800-suicide for mentioning gay and transgender. *

Why Michael Bailey is still so very wrong

Trans Youth Family Advocates

NHS Trust to stop transsexual surgery

Center for homeless transgender people opens in the D.C.

Up to 42 Percent of Homeless Youth are LGBT *

GLBT Youth Homeless: 500,000+ *

New report reveals epidemic of homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth

Report Says Transgender Victims were Targeted

Murders of Gender Non-Conforming Youth Documented in New Report

Transgendered, Crossdressers or HBS (Transsexual) What's the Difference? *

Opinions, Quotes and Statistics on Harry Benjamin's Syndrome (HBS)

Homophobia, Gay Bashing and Trans-bashing

Jail Time for Married Transsexuals

Gender identity in kids

Consultation on Good Practice Guidelines for the Assessment & Treatment of Gender Dysphoria: Draft Revision 8.3B to the HBIGDA Standards of Care

Corporate America Offers Expanded Benefits & Protections to Compete for GLBT Employees

Standards of Care help transgendered

Call to ban gender-bending ship paint

Eating disorders uniquely affect GLBT community

Top UK Sex-Change Expert Faces Ban

Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act Becomes Law!

New guide helps in search for gay-friendly campuses

But at least the transexual fish aren't depressed anymore

New Ruling Allows Transgender Men To Use All NY Subway Bathrooms

Transsexual blames doctor for 'regretful' sex change surgery

Doctor ‘rushed’ transsexual into surgery

Psychiatrist in the UK up on 10 charges regarding sex change patients

Psychiatrist 'suggested sex change patient become prostitute'

Psychiatrist accused of rushing five patients into changing sex


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