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Male to Female MTF Transsexual

There is no bigger misunderstood group than the Male to Female Transsexual. People either see us as gay men making excuses to sleep with other men or sex objects with a little extra. The fact is nothing could be further from the truth. Transsexuals are People who were born with a female mind and soul and a male body that doesn't match. It is a birth defect, not a lifestyle choice. Below are links to help you explore Transexuality for mtf' transsexuals. The truth is on these pages. Nothing more. The word Transsexual is often mispelled as transexual. The scariest statistic is that pre-op Male to females have a suicide rate of 31% with 50% having had at least one suicide attempt by age 20. Post-op rates are below the national average. You can find all the personal help you need on this site. Transsexualism is treated under medical supervision.

Laura's Playground is a Transsexual support site. We provide Personal support by email, Online Chat, forums and messenger. We are the only Transsexual chat whose moderators have been certified in youth suicide prevention. Our mission is to lower our high suicide rate. We also hold Online Transsexual Support Group meetings on our site every Thurday night in the Mtf Chat Room at 7PM Eastern time.

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The Breastform Store

The Breastform store is a proud supporter of Laura's Playground and is dedicated to the Transgender Community

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Joanna's Guide to Male to Female Gender Transition

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