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Venutian Horoscopes for March 2006  

The World's First Transgendered Horoscopes

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by Laura Amato                                                                       

This Transgendered horoscope is for entertainment purposes only and about as accurate as most of them. Please don't spend your life savings on lottery Tickets but a Dollar or two won't hurt. Don't leave or start a relationship because of anything written here unless its what you want. Certainly don't plan to out yourself unless you've planned for it. Remember NO horoscope should run your life.

March is a month of preparation and planning. While the Northern Hemisphere prepares for spring, The Southern hemisphere ushers out the Summer in preparation for Winter. In the north the first crocus's are ready to bloom. People are frantically preparing their taxes. The transit is set as we embark on a change of seasons and a change of the night sky.

The beginning days of March are all about preparation and planning. While the later part of the month is dedicated to reaping the benefits of what we've laid out earlier. March not only prepares us for the changes to come but a renewal of our priorities as well. Then on the 21st the stars take our plans ready or not and start to implement them in bold new ways as the winds of March slowly fill their sails. Make sure you're aboard.

Published Monthly

Your Hibernation is almost over. Nows the time to check your list twice. Shopping from the fourth to the twelfth is favored. Taxes done now will bring a nice check to pay for it all at the end of the month. You have almost three full weeks to prepare your plans for a marvelous change. Make it a good one. Power Day on the 12th. 12 5 11 19 26 35.

Hurry, your ship's about to sail without you. Is your luggage on board? Batten down the hatches as you are in for one heck of a ride on the wind tossed seas of life. That's Ok you remembered to pack the dramamine didn't you? Don't worry a vibrant member of the opposite sex is about to cure your motion sickness forever. Wear green on the 21st. . Power day on the 21st. 21 8 16 25 33 40.

The stars have given you diplomatic immunity this month as you've just entered negotiations with your other self. Welcome to a period of peace and harmony. Your contract calls for an end to inner conflict on the 19th with an amendment attached that allows you to just be yourself. Get ready for a pleasant monetary surprise on the 28th.   Power day is the 28th.   28 6 12 21 29 39.

The 21st sets the stage for a well overdue love affair with yourself. Stop the flaggelation, you've suffered enough. If you start planning now you'll be ready for the dramatic change in attitude about to overtake you. A new hairstyle would do wonders for your image. Shop wisley for a new spring outfit in pretty pastel colors. Think flouncy, peasant style. Your Power day is the 21st. 21 3 10 19 26 35.

The tax man may cometh, but this month he'll giveth. That doesn't mean to take the whole check and run off to the mall. Divide it up with one part for bills, one for you and the last part put in the bank for a lovely Vacation in June. Plan a day trip for the 19th next to someplace on the water. A quiet walk along the waterfront might net you a Spring fling. Don't throw him back.   Power day is the 19th. 19 8 15 23 31 40.

This is your month Virgo. From the 5th until the 25th you'll swear you're under the luck star. Whatever you touch will be golden. Its contagious too as those around you seem to benefit as well. A walk in the woods early in the month will net you a pot of gold. No, you can't keep it it belongs to someone else, but the reward you get for turning it in will make you smile. Just watch out for sudden new friends. Your Power day is the 5th. 5 12 21 29 33 42.

The soil is about to renew itself and so will you. You'll get all the nutrients you need this month to feed your soul. Healing begins to rejuevenate you from some rather sad recent events. When the spring blooms have flowered in April you'll have received the benefits of the introspection you started now. Take a friend to dinner on the 15th. Your Power day is the 15th. 15 2 9 17 26 33.

So there you are playing cards with the planets. Venus, the dealer tosses you the queen of romance card but you can't use it until the 12th. So you prepare and get ready for the big day. You pick the outfit and the perfume and of course you've planned for birth control. Otherwise when the card game concludes you could literally be stuck with a full house. Your power day is the 12th. 12 7 13 22 30 37.

The literary world is calling to you. You're about to write something profound that will keep your name in lights for many years to come. Creation is a gift. Write about what you know. The words will just flow as if to a song. Start thinking about what you're going to do for an encore. Attend to insurance matters on the 17th. Special days are the 17 4 11 20 27 35 45.

You're feeling much better about yourself this month. You know what you have to do but resist the urge to just dive in headfirst. The pool could be shallow. So plan all the details and leave nothing to chance. By the 27th you'll spot the stairs at the other end. A dollar bet on your birthday numbers may pay off on the 15th. Your Power day is the 27th. 27 2 9 18 24 33.

This month has you thinking about animals Aquarius. There's that cute little puppy in the window. Umm, er, isn't that a Saint Benard? Aren't they known to get rather huge? Better pepare for his arrival first. Puppy proof the house. On the 18th is your big date. Certainly you want him to meet your new pet. If your new beau gets to be too much to handle by the end if the month you can have puppy show him to the front door by April. He'll be bigger by then. Take long walks on the weekends and especially on the 21st. Your power play day is the21st. 21 5 12 21 30 40.

Tommorrows blossom is from todays seed. Last years efforts have paid off. Don't just pay the bills from the profits though. Sock some away, feed and water it and let it grow. When vacation time blooms you'll have a great stash with which to have a great time. The money gods have heard your prayer. They say "soon, my child, soon". Your good Kharma is about to pay off big. Your Power day is the 20th. 20 4 11 18 25 35.

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