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Female to Male (FTM) Transman Transsexual Articles and Lists

Female to Male Transsexuals and Transmen are a very misunderstood group. The popular view seems to be that FTM's are all Lesbians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most FTM transsexuals are hetrosexual or would be if there minds and bodies were one. In fact most FTM's have felt Male in their earliest memories. Puberty is usually an emotionally painful process that can be likened to a real life horror movie. Transsexualism (TS) is present at birth and is not a lifestyle choice. Below are many links to help you explore the life of a female to male Transsexual. This site is for your personal Support. Many FTM's Actually have a male sized Hypothalmus in the brain which governs sexuality.

The Transman Community on this site has nearly doubled within the last year making it the fastest growing one here. Members have found out that they are not alone. There are many success stories here. Share your stories and thoughts hopes and dreams in the Chat or Forum communities. The staff here consists of several transmen Moderators and supervisors Including Stu who is our Vice President of Communications and our Assistant Chat Director. All are certified in youth suicide prevention right here on line in the chat crisis rooms. They also hold bi-weekly FTM support meetings.

For transman issues contact Stu: email: stuisasleep AT hotmail.co.uk

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