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Transsexual (TS) Transgendered (TG) Articles


The site is growing very fast. While this page was a good starting point we have many other articles scattered throughout the site in the following sections. Crossdressers (CD), Male to Female Transsexual, MTF (TS), Female to Male Transsexual and our new Members Page Articles. You can contribute to this list by posting an the Forums or sending it to Laura by Email. These categories are on the menu to the left. Almost every menu page has articles not found here.

Older news articles are now kept on the Transsexual, Transgendered News Articles Archive Page below.

Transsexual, Transgendered News Articles Archives

Transsexual Science and Medical Articles

Autogynephillia, Baily, Blanchard, Lawrence, Dregar Controversy

Transgender HIV STD's Safe Sex

Members Articles Pages

FTM Articles

Transgender, Transsexual Discrimination, Hate Crimes

Transgender, Transsexual Homeless Articles

LGBT Politics, ENDA Transgender

Wpath Clarification on Medical Necessity of Treatment of Sex Reassignment and Insurance Coverage in the USA

Laura's Playground Host the Breastform Store

Transgender people and Hidden Sexual Orientation. Is it possible?

Angie Zapata

Common Sense Transgender Transition

Transgender Mortality Rate: Suicide, Medical, Violence

Transgender Suicide Report: Actual

Transgender: Gender Confused Children DR Phil Strikes Out Again

The Gender Curse: Transsexuals

Transgender Terminology and Definitions

Dr Phil: The Jerry Springer of Psychology: Transgender

No Judgement in Texas Transgender, Transsexual Town

We are the Trans Community Transgender Transsexual: United we stand divided we fall *

Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) Transsexual Peer Review: Warning HBS Standards of Care and terms not Medically Approved

Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Scientific, Surveys, Research and Results

Transsexual woman says Crayola Crayon workplace gossip ruined her life: Company has no comment

Going To Dr. Suporn For Transsexual SRS : Planning and Information

Suicide and the Transgendered: Transgender Suicide Prevention Online Service: Certified Moderators

Transgender Children Page Opens on Laura's Playground

Transgender LGBT ENDA: The Aftermath

Transgender Transsexual Crossdresser Email and Research

Apples and Oranges: The Baily Transsexual Controversy by Laura Amato

Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) Transsexual Peer Review: Warning HBS Standards not Medically Approved

Laura's Playground, Transgender, Transsexual, HBS, Intersexed, Suicide Prevention Survey

Suicide and the Transgendered: Transgender Suicide Prevention Online

ENDA: Has "LGB" dropped the "T"? Ask HRC

Transgender Children Page Opens on Laura's Playground

The Transgendered Truth about Hate Crimes Legislation

Exodus and other reparative ministries exposed in the treatment of Gays and Transgendered: Methods cause Suicides

Anti-Transgender Minister Steals Transgender Sites Logo

Rise Against battles Bush administration over suicide hotline funds endagered for 1-800-suicide for mentioning gay and transgender

Post-op Transsexual Darleen Speaks about Aids and her life

Back from the Brink of Suicide

Transsexuals Face Blatant Discrimination by Government and DMV's

More Transgender Shelters Needed

Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isnít Clear: Free Online Registration

Transsexuals and Intersexed May Increase Due to Pollution

Trans people face heightened scrutiny in a post-9/11 world

Parents of TG: How to Help your Transsexual, Crossdresser, Transgender or Intersexed Child

Is John Mark Karr a Transsexual? One Transsexuals View

Transsexual, Transgender and Teen Predators

Bed and Breakfast Affected by Anti-Gay Town Boycott

Man I feel Like a Woman an exchange with a Homophobe

U. S. States and Canadian Provinces: Instructions For Changing Name And Sex On Birth Certificate

Are You a Transgenderist?

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth Suicide

The Dangerous Business of Trying to Create Ex Transsexuals and Ex Gays by Religious Groups

Transsexual Transition: Fantasy vs Reality

War, Hate and the Christian Right VS Gays and Transexuals

The Transgendered Mile

Survivors of a Suicide Attempt: Helping Transsexual, Transgendered and Crossdressers Considering Suicide

DES & Transsexuality Science Articles

Wikipedia Transgender

Wikipedia Gender Bender

Man I feel Like a Woman: A Response to the Author

Transgendered; A Word Please

The Catholic Religion and Transsexuals

An Alternate View on Catholic Moral Theology and Transsexualism By Sheila Mengert J.D.

Transgendered Day of Rememberance: Do the Math

Transsexual - Transexual - Transgender - Crossdressers - Why can't you find us for Support?

Transsexual, Transexuality Updated Definition and links

From Woman to Man: 5 Parts

Gender Therapist Dr. Nancy Strapko Speaks

Accepting Transgender Individuals into our Society

A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality: Proof its Inborn

Coming Out For Transsexuals and Transgendered

Halloween and My Childhood

The Ladder

A fatwa for freedom: Transsexuals in Iran

Transsexual Identity A Government Atrocity

Counseling Transsexual Populations

Documentation Changes for Transsexuals

Mormon Prophets Claim Transsexuals are sent from the Devil by Laura Amato

Articles by Transsexual Author Gwen Smith

Warning against Silicone Injections By L Amato

Its Official Transsexuality and Homsexuality is not a Choice By L Amato

Transsexual Teens: Real Life Horror Films By L Amato

Annie's Mantra 4 Big steps to a new life  By Annie

Happy Birthday Laura's Playground By L Amato

Transgendered: Hiding in the Dark By L Amato

Yes But can you do it without the dress? By L Amato

Transition; The Real Life Test (RLT) By L Amato

If you don't know my Gender: Just ask me By L Amato

Alternatives to SRS surgery By L Amato

Transsexualism; Choice or NatureBy L Amato

Dress to Express: A new HolidayBy L Amato

So you want to start a Transgendered Web Site By L Amato

Change is Possible Site : a review By L Amato

Geography, Transfolk and Nature vs Nurture By L Amato

How we view other Trans Folk By Laura Amato

Ftm Inclusion at Trans Events

Miss Laura's Advice Column By Laura Amato

Transsexual of the Future By Laura Amato

The Heart of a Transsexual By Laura Amato

Freedom Vs Freedom By Laura Amato

Who's Stirring the Soup? By Laura Amato

E-mail Disaster By Laura Amato

The Voice Within By Laura Amato

Can hormones Change Your Mind? By Laura Amato

Death by theory?: John/Joan case Nature vs Nurture

Dawn's Warning Page

Rachel's How To Articles

The Smallest of Minorities by Joëlle-Circé Laramée

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