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Laura's Playground is back..

Finally after sometime we are back rewriting our OWN site again. Within two days of Piper and Dev working on the MOVED Forums our traffic started to match our old volume patterns we were on our way. Dev started a new file system called Drupal which has many new features, one of which includes this continuing blog. Since we were pressed for time we hauled the old site along and placed it under a menu item called legacy site. There you will find our favorite articles and information that we've been gathering since 2004. Starting this week the old resource lists like our Gender Therapist list, Electrologist list, Endocrinologist list and many other resources.. Each page conversion is time consuming. In addition We will be adding a new updated forum and two chats, one of which will be our transgender suicide prevention chat. In 12 years thousands of lives have been saved and changed here.. Our mission is to prevent suicides. The transgender suicide rate has been estimated between 31% to 45% Depending on who you talk to.. However in 2005 WE conducted our own study and asked people about suicide attempts. Over 50% of all transgendered respondents reported that over 50% of them had at least 1 suicide attempt by age 20 with the youngest being 7 years old Many others had several attempts with some as many as 22, spending a lifetime in a hospital.

WE would like to thank our sponsors 'The Breastform Store" for their support. Our internal programs which are numerous will be paid for by the donations we hope you will help us with. They are not tax deductible. WE do not make a profit. See our link on the front page.

As much as possible this will be a mostly daily blog.


NEXT SUBJECT: The Transgender Umbrella.

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