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Transgender: Gender Confused Children

Doctor Phil the Jerry Springer of Psychology Gets it Wrong Again
by Laura Amato

Doctor Phil the Jerry Springer of Unlicensed Psychology comes out against Transgender people and their care again. Never mind that the AMA American Medical Association and both APA's have come out in favor of the WPATH Standards of our care. They are licensed though while he sells his "Snake Oil" (Voodo Psychology) on TV.

At least this time he did invite Dr Dan Segal a Gender expert at UCLA who advocates for our treatment who advocates the brain theory to explain our issues. He also invited Dr Glen Stanton a reparitive therapy expert who couldn't say how many transgender people he has treated, if any. He argues that it is nurture not nature even though DR John Money with his HUGE Psychology blunder actually proved the opposite in a patient who committed suicide named David Rhames. Dr Segal pointed this out to him. Dr Stanton Advocates forcing children to be the gender they were born with. Dr Phil agrees with him.

As a Transgender Suicide Prevention support site with 6.8 million users we know all too well about our users and all the why's where's and when's. In a survey of transsexuals here over 50% of our TS users had at least suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. This is a fact born out by our online crisis rooms. Apparantly Dr Phil and Dr Stanton don't get this or seem to care. Let's make boys, boys and girls, girls no matter how much distress or death is caused by their methods.

The transgender horror stories are real. Puberty for us is the nightmare on elm street. We need support, not being forced to be something we are not. I can tell you that this is why our crisis rooms are full even with a staff of over 100. It's not just suicide either it's cutting and self mutilation which are made worse by DR Stanton's methods.

There is only one Treatment approved by the AMA and APA and that is Wpath. When DR Stanton and DR Phil have interviewed 6.8 million Transgender people we might listen. Until that time if your child has Gender confusion at any age take them to a Gender therapist. They and only they can determine if it is a phase or not. No one ever walks in one day a boy and an hour later as a girl. This is a long and careful process. One thing is clear with new research that being Transgender is INBORN, not nurture. In Australia they just found a longer DNA Strand in Transsexuals and another recent study shows a physical cause for transmen.

A Gender Identity crisis is life threatening. No one chooses this. While I might buy A suit from DR Phil I wouldn't take therapy advice from an unlicensed TV Shrink whose interviewed a handful of Transgender people. As for DR Stanton he should always keep a gurney next to his therapist couch. His Transgender patients at least, won't be living very long. Dr Dan Segal though knows what he is talking about. Thank you Dr Segal.

I'm calling out DR Phil. If he really wants to see the truth what happens to TG Teens and adults and their stories all he needs to do is talk to our certified staff or view our forums. After 2 million emails I know what that truth is. Doctor's Phil and Stanton do not have a clue or should I say cue. Turtle wax anyone?

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