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One thing I have learn from coming out at LGBTQ meetings

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Is ,

It's a great experiance and people accept you unconditionally for the most part. My fourth meeting and after coming out, I am coming out of myself and not only connecting with the rainbow crowd but other alcoholics who are new and still raw.

i am so glad I went back for a fourth time last night to the Trans Queer meeting as I was a little unsure. There were a few more trans people there and I chatted with someone I had seen before but never talked to who was trans. Every week the world is opening up and the secrets I have kept hidden are finding their light.

I signed up for being on the committee for a Queer Trans roundup that might happen again this year. I have never been to an AA roundup and this will be a first if it happens. Being out however is becoming an addiction but it's a healthy addiction, like good movies, socializing and playing guitar.

All made possible by going through fears with my HP holding my hand and in some cases and brow beating me , ( there goes the white dove analogy)..

One of the things I talk about as well as others is being "spiritually topped up".

i feel that today.


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That is wonderful to hear.  Very very wonderful!  Doing service of any kind, and being part of it even if we are not PERFECTLY qualified for it is a high point of recovery.  We try it and become good (but not perfect) in time and with help and clear headed enthusiasm and yes, even joy.

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That sounds wonderful.  Thank you for sharing.  I've grown to love my GLBTQ meeting and the folks who come there.

Finding service with those people has become a high point of my sobriety.





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Good for you, cerise. I've done service work and it's always strengthened and enhanced my sobriety. I hope you experience the same.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Thank you all:) !

i look forward to it.

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