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I have already had my hair cut short (as my profile pic shows) but I got it cut at a women's hairdresser because my mum took me and paid and everything. Because of this it still looks quite feminine to me even after letting it grow out so I want my next haircut to be at a barber/ unisex salon. 

The problem is I'm get SUPER nervous at the hairdresser. I have never been able to ask for what it really want. From the first time (about age 10) I have wanted short hair and ended up with it a lot longer that I hoped... Even last time, it was at least an inch longer than I'd really wanted but I found it difficult to tell them. 

Any advice on what to say at the barber/ anyone know what sort of pictures are good to take?

thanks everyone :)

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I think the first thing I would say from my experience is that a women's hairdresser has a completely different approach to cutting hair than the traditional men's barber. This, for me, always seemed to automatically result in a more masculine style with a barber (eg women's hairdressers seem to layer hair to thin it whereas barbers use thinning scissors [I have never come across a woman using them]). I started with my current hairdresser when  the barber who occupied the shop moved and she took over the premises. This was well before I started to come out as feminine (I had used ladies hairdressers on and off for many years). There is far more overlap between styling salons and women's hairdressers.

It may well depend on who you go to and what you want . Typically a salon may well have stylists who would be familiar with using pictures but it would be more unusual with a traditional barber. Don't be disuaded though. It's just that in my experience most men having a normal haircut don't go into detailed styling at a barbers.

I suppose the question is - What do you want? Typically, as male, I just used to go in and ask for a trim, saying how high off the collar the back needed to be and whether a fringe or parting, saying how short the fringe should be. Later when I had it really short (cropped), it was just a number 3 or number 2 all over (these relate to the cutting guide on the electric shaver, but this is probably a lot shorter than you are thinking of). Outside of styling, men will typically 'keep it simple'.

I hope it helps you a little, but I should point out that I was more used to the old style barbers than 'big city styling' in male mode.


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I think that advice of taking in a picture (from a magazine, etc) is very good.   Hair stylist and barbers have a way of hearing what you say through their own personal filters.


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I go to a gender neutral barber (she's a rare and precious gem). She calls my cut a fade (google it) and normally just wants to know what number clipper I want for the sides and back. I expect it would be the same at a regular barber. 

You're right that women's salons will cut very differently to a barber even with the same description and photo, e.g. the side bits, a hairdresser will usually slant them and a barber will cut them straight. Little things like that make a  big different to the overall impression of a haircut. 

Good luck

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Best is to find a hair cutter in the LGBT community who is comfortable with cutting your hair for the best look in your gender. Also, how long it is does not always give you the best look to pass. How you comb it is most important. Men tend to comb their hair back and women tend to comb forward with bangs and long hair on the sides of the face. Some do both as their mode changes.

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