Got glasses!!!!!!!!

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I got some girl glasses. The lenses are a little thick, but who can tell? They're big and round.

Made of gold medal and clear plastics. Matches both my hats. Got a chain too. It's gold also.

Currently I am wearing as my favorite pair of shoes a pair of gray slip on shoes that feel really good to walk in. Really like them though.

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That sounds good :)

I generally wear glasses and have accumulated several pairs over the years. To me, like watches, they a re a bit of a fashion accessory.

There is nothing like a comfy pair of shoes to boost confidence. It reminds me of an interesting experiment I once did in my early (going out) days. I spent a while around town looking at women's footwear as they passed to get an idea of styles and clothes they wore to go with them. After a while I decided it was too difficult to really see in passing because, by the time my mind had registered, the woman was gone. That gave me the idea that if I wore a pair of women's shoes people would not really notice. To test this, as an experiment, I went out into a busy town centre, not far away, and, while wearing men's clothing. Iwore a pair of Mary Jane shoes (flat with single strap). Although a bit scary as it was well before I had ever been out dressed as a woman, and did not wear makeup in those times, there were no issues whatsoever. To me the point was proved.


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Good for you. I need to get new reading and sun-glasses this year too! :) 

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One of my early purchases was a cute pair of cheap reading glasses.  They certainly helped tp provide that extra "clue" that i was female and didn't cost much.





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Yeah, I do want to get some readers to sprinkle around my 'haunts'. I need to start keeping an eye open.

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God, I love my glasses also.  They're my favorite of all the glasses I have ever owned.

Ya their a little old fashion, but no one can tell it unless you look from the side.  Don't really care.  I love them.  Transitions and everything.  It is like I have two pairs even though I only have one to keep up with.

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