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How much weight does a beer can add in the morning I was 80 this morning and had three beers will it go as water weight and be gone or¬†will it add weight ūüė¨

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Well there is a lot of fluid that will go through you but the grain (hops) is a carbohydrate (if I recall) and that will be converted to weight.  If you exercise regularly you can burn it off but on a regular basis it will certainly add weight.


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Beer definitely adds carbohydrates but also acts to remove water from your system so it almost masks the weight gain. perhaps the worst thing is that the calories are poor for nutrition so over a period of time we gain weight and loose our health.  I drank in the AM for some time but had stopped drinking beer as it didn't do the job any more.  Vodka has the same effects.  I know that one by experience and eventual heart attack and surgery.





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"Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer" :D

I love the taste of beer and all the craft beers we can buy today, however after transitioning and HRT I can not process it like I used to, I drink very little anymore (few times a year), and my weight is steady, blood sugar numbers improved dramatically. 


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Since there's roughly 3400 calories in a pound, it 's easy to calculate. And beer is full of carb, how much? Depends. Could be 40-50 carbs for a really light been or much higher upwards of nearly 200 calories..... :)

I typically love beer too, but the last 4-6 weeks my taste seems to be changing and quite frankly, the thought of beer isn't doing much for me. :/ 

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Beans CyndiRae!  Now I've got that song going through my head.

All alcoholic beverages have calories.  From some, a bulk of the calories come from the actual alcohol it self.  For hard alcohols like gin, vodka, rum etc. there's usually 65-85 calories per oz.  Throw in a sweet mixer and you can have quite a high calorie deal going there. 

For beer specifically, most mass produced beers average about 150 calories per 12 oz/350 ml serving; light beers are in the 100 calorie range.  Obviously there are more calories for a 16 oz/500 ml serving.  Craft beers tend to contain even more calories vs. mass produced beers.  Depending on the type/style (simple craft pilsner vs. a bourbon barrel aged double imperial stout) it can range from 180 cals to 300 cals per serving. 

Beer gets it's calories from both the alcohol in it as well as the residual sugars left in it from fermentation of mostly maltose - a sugar converted from the starch in the grains used through an enzymatic reaction during the mash process.  "A few beers" can quickly add up to over 450 calories. 

As far as the water aspect, which is mostly what beer is, it really won't 'add' weight to you in a significant way...unless you have a different problem like congestive heart failure or kidney failure in which case you really shouldn't be drinking ANY alcoholic beverage.  But that's a different lecture.  ;-)  Alcohol acts as a diuretic so not only will you most likely pass the water from the beer you consume, you'll also end up on the dehydrated side - part of the reason for that 'hangover feeling'. 

So, to answer your question - depends on what you ate and how much exercise and calories you burned for the day but probably neither in the overall picture.  If you're regularly eating more calories per day than you burn off, plus the beer calories, over time you'll add more weight than if you didn't drink the beer.

In general, unless you have a specific health problem where you need to monitor your weight daily, it's almost pointless to check your weight that frequently.  We can go up or down in weight 3-5 lbs/1.3-2.5 kg per day depending on hydration, salt intake, our body's ability to eliminate excess water, exercise and calories burned, our personal metabolism, etc.

Eat less, drink less, drink more water, and exercise more.    

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I love beer, particularly ports and stouts. I just do not drink as much anymore. Usually at a restaurant with a nice beer selection, very rarely do I drink at home. Most of it is because of the carbs and I know that is one thing I need to limit to maintain my weight. Also if it is not a craft beer, I usually do not want it. I have some mass produced brands I like (Guiness, Smithwicks, Sam Adams, Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and a few others). I will be drinking some at a superbowl party this weekend with some other girls. Some of us will be more interested in the rear assets than the actual game.... :)


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I also love beer, at least the better craft ones we have here and usually have a few bottles in store. It is interesting though, since I have finished work I have gone off it quite a bit. I used to have a bottle (just one) every evening with my tea when I got home from work. Now I have cut right back and down to a couple of bottles a week (and even they sometimes don't taste as good).  It may be that is was relieving the stress of work, but I haven't quite worked it out.

The not so good side is that I drink more tea and coffee. I tend to have them fairly sweet so the calories are still there :unsure:


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19 hours ago, MarcieMarie12 said:

I love beer, particularly ports and stouts. I just do not drink as much anymore. 


Same here.  

Whether because of age or hormone realignment or both, I can't handle alcohol as well as I once did.  Two beers is my maximum, and I won't have any at all if I'm going to be driving.  

I, too, prefer dark beers and stouts.  When my wife and I were involved in the local Caribbean community, Mackeson Triple XXX Stout was available at our favorite restaurant and I really liked it.

But having been introduced to a very nice alcoholic root beer a few months ago over at the beach, I pretty much stick to that if I have anything at all.


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On 2/3/2017 at 2:13 AM, tracy_j said:

The not so good side is that I drink more tea and coffee. I tend to have them fairly sweet so the calories are still there

Tracy, I can identify with that.  My wife used to tease me that I had a little coffee/tea with my sugar and milk.  She called it 'kinder cafe' - kid's coffee.  And it was too true. 

That eventually changed though.  When I first started working I used to get rotated to evening and night shift.  You know - low person on the gift list.  But working those shifts, especially nights, I learned to drink both (...for maximum caffeine) with just a splash of milk or with nothing at all.  Cause boy -o- boy can those calories add up from a spoon or 3 of sugar.  And then things don't fit so well... 

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