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Really, exorcism?

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So not to insight a riot, I just need to... vent, I guess.

So my wife, oh... Hi I am Eva! I am a proud MtF Woman... Anyway my wife, who left with our children to her home town [not trying to talk bad about her, she's working hard to... move forward] tried to do an exorcism on me tonight over the phone (*o*)!

Now I know that she is hurting badly (µ_µ) [ I feel SO sorry for her, and my children's, pain] and she is a self proclaimed "spirit filled christian," but this seemed over the top!

Okay, I have been patient with all the "this is a demon" talk, but when she started calling me by my Real name, Eva, and telling me that I have no place in... ... whatever. She just doesn't get it now, and I don't expect her to! I know this is painfully hard, I never asked for this, but I don't wish it away either!

I don't know if my family will ever "get it," but even my "family-found-christian-aproved" theripist who has never worked with trans people before sees me as a woman after just an hour and a half with her! I wish my family did too (v_v).

Now please understand, I am not hateing on christians, in fact I believe I am one, but why do so many of them/us [christians] hate on US, even the whole LGBTQIA community?

I think I actually know why, but the exorcism was "a bit" much.

Any thoughts/vents/etc. ?

Well, my life is ******* hard, but also filled with joyful things! I Love myself now and think that if, given that there is a loving God, then He/She/etc. loves me too [and you too (^-^) !!!] and doesn't want us to spend our lifes in endless pain.

What do you think? Have I misspoken? Let me know.



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I was actually getting ready to post a new topic about the seemingly misguieded judgments of humanity and spirituality, but i think what I have to say fits in fairly well with your experience. I don't think you've mispoken, and although an exorcism(which sounds like it was unsanctioned by the Vatican) is unsettlingly excessive it does show that your family still loves and yearns for you. Many people seem to keep their vision narrow but it does not necissarily mean they are trying to be hurtful.

While browsing for various doctors and hospitals and procedures for transgendered people I happened accross a yahoo question from a MtF individual seeking assistance about relationships after reassignment. I thought for certain there would be a dozen, at least, of spiteful comments from others using the internet as a mask. To my surprise, below the most populare answer of someone giving medical clarification on intimacy as a positive result, someone tactfully posted their dissagreement. I was so astonished that this woman voicing her disagreement was not being venomous that I considered thanking her for being polite about it at least.

However, despite the lack of hatred woven into the post it was still an argument being made on the assumption she knew what God wanted. She used the guise of religeon, saying something along the lines of "God gave you those part for a reason and He doesn't make mistakes". I wanted to point out the several holes I found imediately in that theory, my first thoughts were as follows:

Firstly; If God is the only being who does not make mistakes then how can you be certain you, right now, are not making a mistake by assuming to know what God wants.

Secondly; God may not make mistakes, but mistakes occur consistantly within nature as a part of development. Those "mistakes" provide a broad spectrum of possabilities for nature to guide, this includes homosexuality, and I believe, transgenderism.

Thirdly; Only God is perfect, that means all of us are imperfect and not a single one of us holds the right to judge another. If you believe someone is a sinner, whether true or not, consider whether or not you are without sin before casting the first stone. Only God reserves the right of final judgement. You may not agree, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone you have no right to hurt them.

Lastly; If God did purposefully make transgendered people the way they are and our Creator truely makes no mistakes then it follows that obviously there is a reason God made them transgendered. It can be speculated that these individuales, who suffer in prisons of their own bodies, serve as a kind of sheperd, as God's message that everyone is different and should not be scorned.

I think that people spend too much of their faith blindly with their noses buried in the Bible, Quran, or other book of faith, forgetting that these books, while amazing reads and respectable moral guidelines of astute commendability, are still maintained by the imperfect hands of humanity over the course of millenia and weathered by language. How can you see God if you never lift your eyes from a book?

All in all, it's a shame that your wife is against the thought of your transition, but her over the head reactions do seem to be driven by a love for you. She just has to realize that you are the same person. It is always good to vent and rant sometimes to clear yourself of negativity, so to speak, and I truely do hope things work out.



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Certainly the comfort you can take from an exorcism, if administered correctly, is that in most all cases the exorcism works, so if you are not suddenly non transgendered, then either the exorcism didn't work, or else it did, and you are not under the powers of Satan or evil demons.

The Roman Catholic Church says, you nor homosexuals choose, to be that way. Look it up. Now all the other dissenting Christian Religions have some wrong or rightful interpretations of the Bible as their source of information. They may not therefore agree with the largest group of Christians in the world, that you nor I, nor anybody who is transgendered to homosexual is actually choosing to be so, but that is what they say. Interestingly enough that church, the bishops who make these decisions, collectively typically, agrees totally with what our scientific community of Psychologists and Psychiatrists say is what they have found to be true also.

So, your condition is not choice, and the exorcism agreed with the church, you are not changed by it.

The only issue, I know of church wise, is their conclusion that celibacy, chastity and not doing anything which changes your body is the appropriate response for Catholic Christians, when they also agree and say, that they cannot be contrary to proven science.

The Catholics do say, if proven science is found to be correct, they cannot disagree with that science, thusly whatever really happened in the past, whether a disagreement over science or really a man calling fire in a movie theatre, that type of issue can not happen now. If they disagree now with a position, over a remedy to say homosexuality, or transgenderism, it is not over the science of it, it is only over the harm it (provably) does to the person with the problem, or to others around them.

That is all I know of right now, however if it has already been shown, transgenderism does not hurt others or society, then I do not understand, why the remedy they apply to this condition is not 'natural law' like they have done with everything else so far.

Natural law says within a person, that the person does what is natural for them to do, given who and what they are. Again, if it has been proven, no others are hurt, not even the person who has an condition, then applying natural law, should be done, as anything else is never going to work.

I don't know if my condition, mtf-pre-op, now referred to by me as t*, (some form of the homosexuality, intersexed ness, or transgenderism), causes any long term damage to society or to my or your family. If I did, and could prove it, I would then know what to say.

In my personal life though, so far, other than almost killing me twice through repressing, I have never seen or known of anyone being hurt by my condition. If it does hurt others or society, then I will defer to that, and like thieves and killers, will agree with those acts done against me to protect society from me. Only I have never heard of thieves and killers not acting out of choice normally. There are exceptions to that on rare occasions, in which it is anger or some emotion that is uncontrollable to them at the time, but in every other case it is choice. Transgendered, DON'T choose. It is chosen for them. Homosexuals DON'T choose. It is chosen for them. Inter sexed DON'T choose. It is chosen for them. One of my favorite groups, CAIS, DON'T choose, it is chosen for them.


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That is very wierd. I have heard people talk about exorcism and using it to cure people's gender identity and sexuality but I had never heard of a phone in exorcism before. I always find people's beliefs interesting and sometimes a bit scary. We do live in interesting times or strange times, whichever way you look at it. It is just sad that people believe a person's gender identity and sexuality needs some kind of spiritual cure to allow that person to be acceptable in their view or their god's view. I am with Lady Gaga "I was born this way".

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This is not all that unusual in lgbt families. In 'why be normal,when you can be happy' the author tells how her mom did an exorcism on her (didn't work by the my home my dad..a brain surgeon..threatened me with a lobotomy!

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Ooooh... I can't wait to get mine. I first saw one at a drive-in theater, I never laughed so hard in my life. I was alone and people looked through their auto windows at me like I was posessed! Which caused me to laugh even harder. The pot smoke may have also been a factor. Giggle.

I dabbled in satanism with my Ouija board and it brought me home to God. I tried to live their pios religious life and that brought me back to God. Whatever I am, my God dearly loves me! He made me this way to be a miracle.

Popeye and I are both God's loved kids; we am what we am regardless of the zealots. Maybe God made me just to wizz them off???

You are a very good writer and I like your slant on the factual information. Hug. JodyAnn

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Sorry if I offend anyone but to most here I would suspect it would appear that we have slipped back into the dark ages!

Even if valid an exorcism is to rid of a possessing evil not a state of mind

As such I think irrelevant


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Well Tracy

The devil made me do it GIGGLE

Or is it I made a pact with the devil, ummmm dont remember that.


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Unfortunately some people do think that it is the devil that make us do this. We should keep them in our prayers.

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