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    • TexasLibraryLady
      I'm curious how you managed this. My understanding of passports was that the photo matching the person was the most important part. Female presenting person=female picture. I submitted a new photo with my name change to get rid of that horrible bearded picture.  
    • Fiona
      I found the name change thing on there, but not the gender. And I may use this as well for that price, if it will lower my stress. LOL
    • Fiona
      My company has never seen my passport, just my ID when I was hired. I only even procured the passport for business purposes. 
    • Drea
      True, but on the other hand, maybe the passport is the only ID with gender marker changes?  Don't want to assume multiple IDs available. As to the original question, it really depends on the person looking and the type of job.  Some will look closer than others but even in the less demanding case someone may or may not look closely. The most routine ID requirements on a job are to satisfy the federal i9 requirements so you can always look at those requirements to see what your options are.
    • skirted
      As my post about swimwear got some interesting comments, I though how about your favorite out fits/s. I know one of mine is my blue poodle skirt outfit, I  get a lot of very positive comments when I wear it.  OK so I live in the past, as I do a lot of historical reenactments from the 1800's (love civil war dresses) onwards. Must post more about me sometime.  
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