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Laura's Playground Leadership

Laura Amato
Founder | Site Author

Laura's Playground began in 2004 when Laura set out to correct the fact that online resources for transgender people were extremely limited. Laura's guidance and vision direct the site to this day. Laura can be reached here.

President | Chat Director

Stu is in charge of the overall management of the site. He also serves as the director of our live chat, managing the software and leading the moderators who volunteer to watch over the chat rooms and assist members in crisis. You can contact him here.

Dev Anthony
Site Owner | First Vice President | Webmistress | Treasurer

Dev is Stu's "right-hand woman." In addition, she keeps track of both our web presence and donations to the site. She also serves as an administrator for our forums and our live chat. As of September 2016, she has taken the reins from Laura and become the primary point of contact for our vendors. Dev can be reached here.

Vice President | Forum Director

MaryEllen manages the forums and leads a team of moderators who volunteer to make our forums a welcoming, safe place for our members to discuss what matters most to them. You can reach her here.

Monica Jennifer
Vice President | Resources Director | Assistant Chat Director

Monica keeps track of special projects and makes sure our resources - such as our lists of therapists and doctors - are up to date. She is directly responsible for the most helpful content Laura's Playground offers. She can be contacted here.

Carolyn Marie
Vice President | Assistant Forum Director

Carolyn Marie assists MaryEllen with the day-to-day management of the forums, including directing and training moderators. She also ensures that the News, Politics, and Upcoming Events forums are kept up to date. You can get in touch with her here.

Laura's Playground Staff

Charlize | Forum Moderator

Charlize settled into her identity later in life, and has found support from both her family and friends. Her friends and mentors who have joined her on her decade-long sobriety journey have also welcomed her with open arms. Charlize finds Laura's Playground to be a strong and helpful home for the community. In addition to moderating in the forums, Charlize is also a co-moderator for the weekly substance abuse meetings held in our live chat.

Cyndi Rae | Forum Moderator

Cyndi Rae hails from western Washington state, where she enjoys breathtaking views of natural beauty. In her down time, she might be found appreciating a sunset from the beach, getting people dancing and smiling, or spending time with her family and friends. She joins us in the forums whenever she can.

Raven | Forum Moderator

Raven is a Navy veteran, a recent law school graduate, and a huge nerd into fantasy, science fiction, and historical costume. He transitioned a couple of years ago and lives in central Arizona with his domestic partners and kids. He is active in the Pagan and Heathen community and assorted hobbies. He likes giving advice about trans issues and like many lawyers can argue three sides of every issue, but he does his best to act like a human being on Laura's Playground.

Marcie | Forum Moderator

Marcie is from Northern Virginia where she was born and raised. When not at work or on Laura's she is usually planning a date or game time with friends. She loves history, and is particularly interested in World War II and the American Civil War.

In Memoriam

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
--Thomas Campbell

MackenzieB | Forum Moderator

From Cyndi Rae: "Mackenzie, first introduced to Laura's Playground by Megan Rose, gave us inspiration to be ourselves. She was part of our posse. We went out many times together to support meetings, shopping, dining, hanging out in the park. She had a wonderful smile and a great sense of humor. We laughed so much hanging out with her.

Going out with Mackenzie would turn heads. She had confidence out in public, and she was noticed. Mackenzie introduced me to consignment clothes shopping - she knew all the places where we were treated like ladies shopping for clothes. Mackenzie was married, although she lived apart from her family. She was survived by her wife, son, and daughter. It's like you meet this person and then it turns into being someone you are bound to run into in life, like you were meant to know each other."