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*This Support site deals with Transsexual, Transgender, Transgenderists, Crossdresser, Androgyne, Intersexed and Transvestites. We also support (MTF) Male to Females, (FTM) Female to Males, Transwomen, Transmen, families, wives, husbands, partners and friends. This site may be offensive to some. It does NOT contain nudity, raunchy content or Cybersex. It does however deal with Gender Dysphoria and transition issues. If the subject offends you please feel free to click on the back button of your browser.* We are a personal Transgender online support site and the only one with youth suicide prevention moderators online. Visit our certified moderators in the live chat rooms. If you are a Transgender in crisis we are here to help.

These pages are meant to inform and to express opinions that are strictly my own. There is a disturbing trend that many people tend to think that Transgender Transsexuals are something straight out of the Jerry Springer Show. Mention the “T” word and images of raging men in fishnets and miniskirts shouting obscenities in anything but a ladylike fashion spring to mind. As a woman would you want any of these characters in the Lady’s Room?

The disturbing fallout from these images naturally line up people to oppose any laws designed to protect Transsexual crossdressers from prejudice and bad behavior caused by other’s misinformation. Disturbing Images are often more powerful than volumes of truth.

The little angel to the left represents my new beginning. As a male to female transsexual I have long ago gone through the formative years that prepared me to blend into the male role, whether I wanted to or not (I didn’t). Nevertheless it helped me blend in to avoid suspicion. No-one knew what my innermost secrets and desires were or my pain. Now, as a Male to Female (MtF) PRE-OP transsexual, I am about to go through childhood and yes, puberty all over again, but this time, as a girl. Hopefully at the end of that (along with some physical changes) I will be able to blend in with the rest of those of the female gender. That’s a far cry from other transsexuals who seem determined to create as much turmoil and dissension as they can. Personally I think you can serve your own purposes with sugar & spice rather then with vinegar and lighter fluid. Besides, children aren’t supposed to play with matches.

To get a second chance at life, at starting over and still have the wisdom of all ones mistakes would be a dream come true for many. So I’m 57 years of age going on 13. Hopefully as I regrow, I’ll become the best woman I can possibly be and an asset to society. What a great thrill to be able to see life through the innocent eyes of a child again.
So come into the playground and swing on the swings with me jump the rope, play a little hopscotch and throw a few jacks. Hopefully you’ll leave this site with a few more smiles than what you came in with and a little more understanding. More importantly you realize that you are not alone.

The site will grow as I do through my transsexual transition. Of course this site would not be possible without the support and caring from three dear friends. a loving partner and an excellent caring staff of 89. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Thank You all.

Laura’s Playground is a Transsexual, Transgendered and Crossdressing Support and News site.Personal support is provided through Transgendered forums, live chat and e-mail. Both Male to Female (Mtf) and (Ftm) Female to Male Transgender spectrums are included.

There are a few new features on Laura’s Playground. There are twenty eight different Animated Site Pals sprinkled throughout the Site to Introduce Various Pages. An Advice Column has been added as well as some other articles written by me and others. There are also several Cute On Line Games on the Fun Stuff page. Lastly be sure to check out our Transgender On Line Calendar for Live Chat and Transgendered Live Events. This site is also home to several Transgender Reasearchers and their ongoing studies and surveys. Please feel free to participate. As a member you can also start your own poll.


Laura’s Playground also has Thousands of Transgender links to the Community. In addition we have a vast list of Transgender Resources some of which you won’t find anywhere else. This include Electrologists, Gender Therapists and a complete Transgender support group lists

Be sure to join us in our Free Live Transgendered Chat Rooms. This is a safe place for (mtf) male to female and (ftm) female to male Transgendered Folk and their families. No admirers or cyber sex allowed. You will ALL be treated with respect here. So come on in and make friends that could last a lifetime. This is the place for personal support and is a Safe Site.

We also feature Personal Transgender Support Groups Online Meetings in our chat rooms weekly. Present meetings are for Parents of Transgendered Kids, Wives and Partners, And Female to Male Transsexuals, AA/NA and Cutters and Self abusers to name a few. Check our Calendar for details.

Our moderators and supervisors are a fine group of volunteer folks dedicated to keeping the peace, providing support and lowering our high Transgender suicide rate which has been estimated at 31%. Almost 50% of Transsexual Teens will have had at least one suicide attempt before their 20th Birthday. Many of our moderators have taken online courses in youth suicide prevention. This is the same course taken by Suicide hot line operators. A moderator can usually be found in our chat rooms.

I have also added an almost daily Web Blog and several Chat Rooms. We have also expanded our links, articles, resources, chat rooms and forums to include all Transgender groups. We have served over 14 million plus visitors and all TG sites are welcome to link here.

In order to thank our loyal users I’ve designed two free screensavers you can download. One features Flowers and the other one butterflies. I hope you enjoy them. You can download them on the Free Software page.

Please sign the Guest Book. While its nice to see the counter numbers go up, a personal note from you makes it all that much better. So sign the Guest Book or leave a message in the forums and thank you for stopping by Laura’s Playground. Y’all come back again soon ya hear.


Updated on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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